Monday, July 30, 2007

Even the best fall down sometimes

5:55 AM Evan comes crashing into our room "Mom, I woke up Eric up because he was moving." Huh. On one hand, I guess we should be happy it's later than 5:30 AM (see yesterday's blog), but on the other hand, now there are TWO kids awake in the pre-6:00 hour. Ethan took the hit today, but Eric crying for a brief moment sounded like 2o minutes to me, and once I'm awake...well...misery needs company :-) After the first feeding (no doubt these boyz are mine, too long without food and it's like Sigourney Weaver in 'Ghostbusters'), we headed a few blocks down for some cinnamon rolls and donuts. Pop-pop caught up with us a little later to say Grandma had slipped on the steps and hurt her ankle (and Emily thinks I'm just getting cheesy in my old age with the blog titles!!). Long story short, just a sprain and needs a little rest--a little tough to do at the beach!!

Headed to the beach to jump some waves (Evan) and check out the girls (Eric--ha! bet you weren't expecting that one!) until a HUGE thunderstorm kicked us back indoors...awesome timing on getting back to the house. No sooner had Ethan pulled all the stuff inside, the rain started pouring down.

After a much-needed nap by all the boys, we headed down to the boardwalk to play some games and take Evan on the rides.

Uncle Sean, Emma, and Fiona (or Fion-ee-ia, as Evan calls her) arrived a little before dinner and brought the volume and pitch in the house waaaaaay up :-) Now that the kids are sacked out (I'm afraid to think about tomorrow's wake-up hour), the men are doing the manly thing on the porch. Decided to call it a night once stories started about a party attended by Ben Franklin and Eli Whitney. Okay, maybe it was just a costume party, but did I mention what time we got up this morning??

Uh oh, battery dying! Publish, publish!


  1. How come little ones always add syllables? You would think with learning how to talk and learning grammar they would use LESS syllables? I am very much enjoying your daily journal! Can't wait for pics.

  2. The pictures are adorable! I especially enjoyed the title today-- one of my favorite songs. Can't wait to see you and the boys at the beach in a few days!!