Thursday, January 31, 2008

Day 31 - Spring is in the air!

She says as her inbox is full of winter storm warnings/advisories about an icy mass heading our way overnight. But step into Marshalls, and spring is right around the corner. All the cute shoes and bright colored clothes and lightweight jackets. And the purses!! Spring colors galore. Surprisingly enough, I was able to avoid my 2 biggest obsessions--jackets and purses--and came home with the shoes I went to buy and a couple of pairs of (winter) PJs for Evan that were on clearance. Lucky for my bank account, the jacket I really liked was only available in white and that's just not happening with 2 little boys in my life!!

Spring 2005 at the Meadowlark Botanical Gardens...
great place to see the cherry blossoms without fighting the downtown crowds!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Day 30 - Sometimes you just gotta laugh

I received my "first copy of your official Mazda magazine" today. Do you think if I ask to be removed from the mailing list they knock some money off the debt that we owe Mazda for my (still) beautiful new truck?

The grocery store is not a bad place at 7:30 on Wednesday night. I saw a guy listening to his iPod while doing his shopping and thought maybe I should try that. Then I caught myself singing (quietly) and shaking my butt to random songs in my head and figured I wouldn't need the encouragement.

What is a polenta and where in the grocery store do I find it? I have what sounds like a great recipe and I can't find the damn polenta and the people working in Giant at 7:30 at night are not much help.

Ethan thinks he's getting sick. He feels the need to tell me this, repeatedly, and then remind me how he sacrificed an entire half of a day to stay at home with our sick child when he is clearly getting sick. I told him to turn on a movie in our room and kill 2 birds with 1 stone, but apparently that's just nonsense. Tomorrow is my day to stay home (work at home day) I have a feeling I may have 2 sick children home with me. At least Eric can go to daycare ;-)

Today was a very stressful workday, yet at the same time was one of the best days I've had in a while. Some absolutely side-splitting hysterical funny moments, one of which our HR department would go into a panic attack over, but damn it was funny. I couldn't look at the other 2 people for the rest of the afternoon without cracking up. And the other would not be as funny if I typed it all out, but essentially Jen and I got stuck in the revolving door because she wasn't paying attention and her purse wouldn't fit in the door with us. It is a big purse, I have to say.

My aunt sent me this today...don't swallow your gum:

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Day 29 - Parmesan Garlic Turtle Chex Mix

I'm cranky. I'm tired and my stomach feels like a balloon that needs to pop, yet I cannot stop myself from finishing a bag of Stacy's Parmesan Garlic & Herb Pita Chips. And I'm thinking about the bag of Turtle Chex Mix sitting in the pantry (2 of my most favorite snacks and grouchy comfort foods). I think it was very appropriate that Evan chose 'Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, no Good, Very Bad Day' to read at bedtime. Emily, does Aubrey read this book? Might explain the 16 part of this blog!

Speaking of Evan, he is doing better and enjoyed a day at home with Grandma taking it easy. I did not worry about him in the least because I knew he was in good hands. But when I got home, he immediately burst into tears and said "I had a hard time taking a nap because you weren't here and I missed you." I realized after a few minutes that this is the first time in a looong time that we have left him with someone else when he was sick, since he rarely gets sick. That helped the guilt. A little. My heart did not entirely break into 2, I think it is still connected at the very bottom. He'll stay home again tomorrow and then probably back to daycare on Thursday, even if just for part of a day.

Seriously can't stop eating the pita chips and am very grateful Costco quit selling them (and the Turtle Chex Mix).

So I attempted to randomly choose today's picture, and it didn't really work. But I did randomly choose a folder and thankfully there were only about 10 pictures in there, and this is one of my favorites.

Evan and Mommy in happier un-sickly times
(although I was about 6 months pregnant with Eric at the time)

Monday, January 28, 2008

Day 28 - Sweet dreams

Too tired...the events of today (and the past 2 days) have taken their toll. Hopefully this message reaches Evan and he sleeps long and hard tonight so I can do the same.

Sweet dreams, little boy

Oh yes, again

Evan has pneumonia. Again. And it took way longer to diagnose it this time than it did the last time. After another semi-sleepless night and watching his fever skyrocket to over 104 (and then come back down to 99 after Motrin), we headed off to the doctor at 7:30 to fight our way through the mob when the doors open at 8. Okay, there were only 2 people ahead of us, so it wasn't all that bad. Our least favorite nurse came in and was her usual frustrating self (she was complaining how Evan wasn't breathing properly so she couldn't really tell if his lung was blocked--hello, he's 4 and there's only so many ways a person can breathe!). Finally sent us for a chest x-ray which is in the same building, and then back to the pediatrician waiting room to wait for the results with a lot of other sick kids. And we wait. And wait.

At some point, while laying across my lap, Evan starts gagging and I drag him out of the room and nearly run over a (different) nurse in the process. She forgave me as he started puking into a toilet half a second after I put him down in front of it. Oh, fun.

We finally get back to the original nurse and the x-ray wasn't really conclusive...could be pneumonia, or could just be a virus aggravated by asthma. So she wants to take blood. And Evan was very good and didn't cry, even though he thought he was going to. And we wait. Evan falls asleep sitting in my lap in an extremely uncomfortable chair.

Finally the nurse comes in with a pile of prescriptions--his white count was pretty high, so she's going with the pneumonia diagnosis and sends us home with the Z-pack and some inhalers. Whew.

Checkout took way longer than should even be possible with a very frustrating woman who I'm sure doesn't like me any more than I like her since I wasn't being very patient with her stupidity. In all fairness though, we had been at the doctor's for almost 4 hours at this point and Evan was laying on the floor in the middle of the reception area, even though I kept picking him up and dragging him against the wall.

CVS, McDonalds, back home for lunch and a nap, and now tucked in with the Jungle Book.


Sunday, January 27, 2008

Day 27 - Not again!

Evan seems to be sick again. The kid who never gets sick. Up most of the night with a fever of 103, awake and wanting cereal at 4 am, talked him back into bed until 6 something or other. He went back to bed around 10:30 and slept for a couple of hours. Perked up after lunch and a movie, then went back into his room for another 2 hour nap around 4:00 and is already tucked in for the night after a loooong steamy shower. It's just weird to see him so out of sorts. I'm paranoid after his last illness, so off to the doctor tomorrow just to make sure everything's okay.

Needless to say, I'm not sure if the new mattress topper is worth the money, because I didn't spend that many consecutive sleeping hours in bed last night :-)

Eric, on the other hand, was in rare form today--in a good way. Maybe because he was getting all the attention for most of the day? He was laughing, singing, dancing, talking like I've never seen before--lots of fun!

Fun with the (kids) dictionary

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Day 26 - Husband at Costco - $140

It has been a day. Evan has been complaining, for the second Saturday in a row, that he is sick. He decided wasn't too sick to go to Costco and swimming, but more coughing than last week, bright pink cheeks, and a slight fever. Hopefully the kiddie motrin and a good nights sleep make things right in the world.

We decided to have a family trip to Costco this morning and I have determined that taking Ethan with me costs us $140. And he only pushes the cart part of the time. Ok, $134, because I MIGHT have decided to buy the sushi without him. It was horrible by the way...I could not even swallow the first bite and Ethan went running to the sushi place down the street that has service faster than a McDonalds drive-through window. But the meatballs, onion, tuna, pomegranate juice, and mattress topper are totally his fault. Although he was trying to help me by suggesting the mattress topper (I'm getting old and my back hurts in the morning, thought this would be a better alternative to a new mattress). But he was willing to buy it withOUT the $40 off coupon, in which case he would have cost us $180.

While the big E's were swimming and the littlest E was sleeping, I decided to put the new memory foam mattress topper on the bed. I nearly threw out my already sore back doing it. They are not kidding when they say memory--this thing has been shrink-wrapped into a ball for who knows how long and had no desire to unfold and spread across the bed. And I didn't notice much difference laying on it, but we'll see how it goes tomorrow. So help me if I have to put the thing BACK in the box to return it.

Did I mention Evan is being a beast today? And declined a nap after he got home from swimming? We decided no TV this afternoon because of his behavior, so he (Evan) kept asking Eric if he wanted to watch TV, and Eric kept running into the living room yelling "BB!" (TV). And then asking Eric if he wanted to go upstairs. And then running around with greeting cards on their heads until Ethan asked if they were being sent to go work in the rice fields. I'm sure there's more, but I'm tired.

This about sums up the day


Evan is being a royal kid today and I sent him to read some books for the 50th time. He brought one back to me that is a story of 3 bears, but not the usual 3 bears. I sent him to look at it by himself for a bit and he asked where "Gobila" was.

Me: Gobila?

Evan: Yeah, she's a girl and goes and visits the 3 bears.

Me: You mean Goldilocks?

Evan: Yeah, Gobila.

Me: Hang on, I need to blog this (pointing to 'Gobila')

Evan: Yeah, see...Gobila. Guh-guh, it starts with a G.

Got it.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Day 25 - A day at the beach

I went to the beach today...with about a hundred kids.

Okay, in reality I went to daycare for the day, but it was 'Beach Day' where they, well, turn daycare into a beach. The event itself is a ton of fun--a beach and lemonade for the 'big kids', sand tables for the little kids, water tables, ice cream sandwiches, and fishy crafts for everyone. The cleanup--a whole other story. Remember the beach? Well, that 300 lbs of sand has to get outside to the sandbox somehow, and that involves a lot of parents scooping sand into buckets, dumping the buckets into a wheelbarrow, then lots of sweeping before a final run with the shop vac. I'm expecting pain tomorrow, but it was worth it.

Now for the pictures...I was tagged as soon as I got in the door to take pictures of ALL the kids, which was a great time and a good opportunity to put the camera to the test. I may need a faster memory card. I took 350 pictures in about 3 hours and could have taken more but the camera would scream mercy (aka 'Busy') at random times. After editing? 240 pictures. But don't worry, I'm just going to pick a few :-)

the beach...all 300 lbs of it

Evan digging his toes in the sand with his way too big shorts :-)

I love this one...Eric's the one in the middle

Eric and the most popular girl in his class!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Day 24 - Weird

Evan is a weird little kid sometimes. I have started putting him to bed recently (except tonight, I swapped with Ethan so I could go do some wine shopping) and am learning more of his quirks. Like how he has to curl up in a little ball after a bath/shower until you coax him out bit by bit to put on his pajamas without making him cold (first the socks, then underwear, pants, shirt). But if it's not a shower night, he can put on the pajamas in about 4 seconds all by himself. And how he has to go potty and brush his teeth before he can take a shower. Or that he needs the water to run full blast while brushing his teeth (explains the increase in our water bill over the past year; trying to convince him he can turn the water off for a minute).

But the absolute weirdest thing he does is insist on wearing a shark mask when he picks out his bedtime stories. Last night, he wanted me to pick out the stories and I had to wear the shark mask.



Tomorrow: is Friday, and technically I have taken the day off to participate in 'Beach Day' at the kids daycare...but I will be more tired after that then I will at a regular day of work :-)

Feeling: torn...decisions to make, but can't blog them right now

Happy because: everyone is healthy, which is nothing short of a miracle for the middle of winter in our house :)

Today I: do not feel like doing much work

Laundry: huge pile of it waiting to be folded. How do 2 little people generate so much laundry?

Something I know: making chicken quesadillas for dinner tonight which should NOT cause any whining at the dinner table

Currently reading: Jemima J I think I borrowed this from Aimee like a year ago; probably about time I read it and gave it back ;-)

Wanting: a Pepsi. But I haven't had any water to drink yet, and I try very hard to drink a water before I have my Pepsi.

Favorite gadget: I'm such a gadget snob...cannot live without my Treo. Not sure how well I would do without my Tivo either.

Thankful that: I have a supporting family and friends, and a good job that lets me be with my family when I need/want to.

Thanks, Emily and Lydia! Feel free to copy and's going around.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Day 23 - We all scream for ice cream

Met up with Mom (aka GG) for dinner at Bertuccis tonight. Evan is always as good as he can be if pizza is involved, and Eric spent most of the night gnawing on a somewhat stale roll. Finally took a break to eat a piece of pizza and then the waiter 'accidentally' brought 2 little bowls of ice cream. I can't exactly put my finger on it, but Eric takes after his dad with his love of ice cream. I mean, Evan eats ice cream every chance he gets, but he generally wolfs it down and then is done with it. Eric seems to savor it just long enough to make sure he enjoys it, but no so long that anyone would think he's not enjoying it and try to take it away from him. And he licks the bowl/spoon just as clean as Evan (and Ethan).

The boy and his ice cream

And Evan (after he had finished his ice cream...
way cleaner than Ethan and Eric after they have had ice cream)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Day 22 - Uhh-noyed

This is going to be a complaining blog, just as a warning. And I actually had a relatively good day, but somehow it all went crashing downhill on my way home.
  • Our daycare is great/awful at sales. Evan buys it in a heartbeat and then I am left to un-sell my child. They offer soccer and Spanish lessons through daycare. At an extra charge, roughly the same as what I would pay to the local park services. They offer these programs during regular daycare hours (when I am already paying a significant amount of money to have my children cared for). And, the kicker, daycare teachers teach these programs. So, why would I pay extra money for someone I am already paying to watch my child teach them something during hours I am already paying for my child to be there? Of course, explaining to Evan that he needs to wait another 2 months to play soccer on Saturdays is like telling him he has to wait until he's 10, but so far he's been good about it. Daycare has a knack for offering these programs shortly after registration has closed for the park service programs.
  • I sold my old semi-digital SLR camera on eBay for a fair, but not outrageous price. Enough to pay for my upcoming photography class and put a few bucks towards a lens/flash on my new camera. I am a very honest person...I don't think I have the ability to consciously rip someone off and the guy who bought the camera is making me feel as though I have ripped him off (I also have a horrible guilt complex if I even suspect I have done something wrong). I forgot to say the camera had a nick in the lens, even though it has in no way affected the quality of any pictures I have taken. He is claiming the photos have these big blurry spots on them which Ethan says looks like he put on there himself with Photoshop. And I'm so glad Ethan said that, or I would still be sitting here feeling guilty. But instead I'm ticked, because I know what I sold the guy and he is making me second guess myself and potentially ruin my perfect eBay reputation. My guess is that the guy is going to try and get me to refund some of his money, but I'm standing strong and will tell him (for a 3rd time) to return the camera to me and I'll refund all his money and if the camera is indeed broken, then it's a good thing I insured it ;-) So we'll see.
  • Some people I work with/for are just pains. And they wait until late in the day to be especially painful, which means I have to log on and deal with it now, or dread dealing with it until tomorrow morning.
  • Ethan out 'scooped' me and told me Heath Ledger died. All day, all I see is how Britney finally showed up for a deposition, and he gets the good celebrity gossip.
And to help myself continue to not feel guilty, here's the picture the guy sent me (which is a little weird to start with):

And one of the last pictures I took with the camera, where this absolutely no sign of the blurry spots:

But look, with Photoshop, I too can have a photo with a blurry spot that looks strangely like his blurry spot:

Monday, January 21, 2008

Day 21 - Toast Wars

What am I going to do in February when I actually have to figure out what day I'm on so I can include it in my blog title?

Ethan had a joyful (?) day at home with the boys while I opted to bank my holiday for a later day and go to work. Wasn't too bad, only a handful of people were in, so a good day to catch up on a few things. And to do a little work. I have heard no complaints from Ethan, so I assume he has more patience than I do staying home with the kids after a full weekend ;-)

Had an awesome potato and goat cheese Spanish "tortilla" for dinner from my favorite cookbook, which sounds completely weird, but was, well, awesome. Kind of like a big omelet. Evan was in a hunger strike mood and ate about 2 bites, but once Eric got started, I had to stop him from licking the plate. The reward for such good eating? Toast. The boy loves toast. He loves to lick the jelly off of it and then hand it back for more and when we finally say no more jelly, he still doesn't complain. Seriously, I don't think I've ever seen a kid so happy with a slice of bread:

After dinner, Evan and I continued our card playing adventures and I showed him how to play "War." Much more successful than "Go Fish" because there's less arranging of the cards and it's just a matter of knowing which number is bigger than the other. Finally had to call the game on account of bedtime, but we saved the card stacks to continue tomorrow.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Day 20 - Male bonding

I know, I've blogged more in 2 days than I have in the past week, but I'm still trying to stick with my photo theme!! Don't worry, I start my class in a few weeks and will hopefully have some new material then.

The boys had some quality male bonding at the haircut place today, so here's my favorite male bonding photo...Evan and Ethan and their Ironman tattoos (Evan's was fake, of course):

Cute books

If you (and your kids) are a fan of Goodnight Moon, then you might be interested in these. Better yet, Amazon is having a 4-for-3 promotion on them right now. Just ordered a batch, figuring we'll give 2 of them on Valentine's Day and save the other 2 for Easter baskets...

More shoes and haircuts

So we made our trek to the mall this afternoon for haircuts and shoes. Somehow Ethan has decided he should get his hair cut at the same place as the kids, and I just realized he is (potentially) scamming a free haircut! Haircuts count as a 'personal' expense, but since he's getting it done with the kids, it all gets paid for out of our joint account...hmmm...hubby? Haircuts went fine, except the lady gave Eric a lollipop to distract him, which was fine until he figured out how to open it half a second later. Darn! Oh well, it kept him happy for the trip to the mall and in the stroller, so can't complain too much.

Shoe store was also successful, except when did Payless get to be so expensive? $45 for 2 pairs of kids shoes that will be worn out by the time they grow out of them, maybe 6 months from now? True, Evan did get a pair of 'Cars' ones that light up, but I bet I could get a pair of kid-size Nike's for the same price...realized after we got home that Eric's new shoes were still too small (no wonder he keeps taking his shoes/slippers off), but fixed that before dinner and hopefully all is well now.

I have figured out a way to take a little bit of the edge off the price of the Payless shoes...great website where you buy gift cards at a discounted rate. We've bought a couple so far and they work without issues.

I think it's just me

I think I'm way too picky. About a lot of things, but in this case, people.

Evan and I went to a birthday party for one of the kids who used to be in his class but mom has now decided to stay at home and is making a strong effort to keep in touch with the kid's friends. All 25 of them. It was actually a very good party at a local firehouse, and the kids got to sit in the fire engine (I learned a fire engine has the hoses, and fire trucks have ladders), take a tour, try on some gear, then ate some pizza and cake and called it a day. Don't worry, I still have things to complain about, but I think I'm more of the problem here than other people :-)

A lot of kids, more than I can count on one hand, had pants that were at least an inch too short. This drives me nuts. I can sense when my kids pants are STARTING to get short and cannot rest until the next size bin has been pulled out of the attic (for Eric) or I have made a trip to the local stores for new pants (for Evan). Some kids, birthday boy included, looked as though they are dressing themselves and no one has ever made an effort to show them how to dress appropriately for the weather/occasion. Evan picked out his own outfit and knew to pick a shirt out his closet (slightly nicer stuff) and even had the great idea to pick out the sweater with a fire truck on it because he knew the party was at the firehouse. I was very proud and extremely happy not to have to argue with him about what he was going to wear.

There is a boy in Evan's class who has a younger sister in Eric's class and both sets of kids get along very well. I know they live close by, and it dawned on me this would be a nice playdate for the 4 kids. Then I started talking to the mom and I'm not sure I could hang out with HER for an hour or apologies if you are an overly 'cautious' parent reading this, but this lady was down right paranoid about everything. Like she said they would not be taking a balloon home because when a friend of hers was little, a balloon popped and went into her mouth and the paramedics had to come pull it out and revive her. Or she wouldn't have her kid's party at a playground that had a fire pole because, at another party, a kid got pushed (by accident) and fell ~5 feet to the ground while waiting to use the fire pole. I know these are all bad things and I'm not trying to make light of these events, but the likelihood of these things happening? I compared it to never taking your kid in the car because they might be hurt in a car accident. My favorite though, was how she doesn't like to give her kids antibiotics, yet she knows the pharmacist so well they will actually fill the prescription if she calls them on the phone (and then gives them the paper when she gets there). And they will bring it out to her car. Is this normal?

Or I could just be worried of her opinion of me, a mom who refuses to throw away a cabinet that nearly fell on my kid's head and leaves outlets exposed (very few and not on purpose) and leaves the bathroom when Evan is in the shower (usually just to put away laundry in the kids rooms). Could I survive a playdate with this lady? Do I need to just get over all my 'requirements' and maybe open the door a little bit with the potential to gain a new friend or two or even just someone I can get along with well enough for our kids to play together?

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Little piece of heaven

I love cannolis. A couple of us did a girls' lunch on Friday, since it was still Restaurant Week, and stopped at Vaccaro's on the way out. The lovely woman behind the counter gave me an extra one in the box, even though I would be perfectly happy to just eat the filling right out of the bowl.

I've eaten 4 today, but they're tiny, so that really only counts as like 1, right?

And for anyone interested, we went to B. Smith's for lunch and it was wonderful!! I had some spicy/sweet shrimp and grits meal that was awesome, not to mention the chicken truffle appetizer, bread pudding, and a teeny tiny bit of sangria ;-)

All in!

Tonight is poker night. Again. Still? Poor Ethan...he loves to play Texas Hold 'Em and tries to get a group of guys together for a game about once a month and it just doesn't go according to plan. And he actually does plan! Evite a few weeks in advance, emails, phone calls, etc. So today, when there were only 4 guys available to play, he decided to cancel tonight's game. I'll take credit for my suggestion of telling him to just go out for a few beers with the other 3 guys (they're all part of the Ironman club) and even suggested a nice manly place to go. Good Wifey!

There is a huge long story, but poker is back on. An unexpected guy showed up and Ethan dragged one of our neighbors up here to take the place of one of the original guys who bailed on the bar after poker was canceled (something about needing to save his kitchen pass--unmarried and no kids, struck me as odd. Either that or I need to start spending more time with his girlfriend to find out how to get that kind of power!). Ethan grumbled something about being hungry and needing to order pizza, but I think I found enough munchy items to keep them happy for a while. Have to justify all my hostess supplies somehow!

So I'm settling in for a little bit of Tivo time; maybe watch the new show 'Cashmere Mafia' -- one of my co-workers has been talking about and I haven't had a chance to watch.

Saturday afternoon randomness

Eric is in the kitchen singing what sounds like 'The Wheels on the Bus." He keeps going "up and down, up and down" and throwing his moose into the air.

Evan is in the dining room singing "Life is a Highway." And we have not watched Cars in at least a week.

Eric just stepped on Evan's little toe, but it was not his "tiniest, tiniest, tiniest toe" What toe does that make that exactly? Evan is retaliating by squeezing Eric.

Ethan needs to borrow my SD card to figure out why his phone is not seeing his own SD card. He found everything in my purse EXCEPT the SD card (and gave me props for carrying a corkscrew). I went over and barely had to look in the purse to see the SD card sitting in plain sight. Explains why men don't carry purses.

Evan is still in a horrible mood. Seriously, how long until bed time?

I looked outside and saw our neighbor's child has multiplied into 2 (okay, maybe it's a friend/cousin). Needless to say, these neighbors are loud enough with 1 kid and I am not looking forward to twice as much noise. And the kid doesn't seem to have any kind of reasonable bedtime. Ethan has gone over there to ask if someone fell down the stairs (multiple times, sometimes more than once in one day) and they swear they're being quiet as mice.

Day 19 - Living in Cinderella's world

Evan woke up this morning coughing and telling me he doesn't want to go to daycare (the last time he said that, he had pneumonia). I'm not too worries about that right now; I think he just cold the caught I'm trying to get rid of. At least it's Saturday and a long weekend, so we'll just see how it goes. In the meantime, he's incredibly pitiful and somewhat whiny about it all, but I'm learning that's just how boys/men are when they're sick ;-) So he's set up with a movie in the living room and Eric is wandering around, creating his usual chaos.

Turning the lights on/off in the kitchen. Taking off his slipper. Pulling all the letter off of the fridge. Taking off his slipper. Dumping the Little People animals out and putting them back in the bag. Taking off his slipper. Doing a Bee-Bo check. Taking off his slipper. Watching the movie. Taking off his slipper. Picking up the phone, chasing the cat, bringing me Ethan's shoes, climbing up on chairs, and yes, taking off his slipper.

Cinderella and his bee-bo

Friday, January 18, 2008

Day 18 - Oh deer

Saw some deer enjoying the (melting) snow behind our house, so a good opportunity to break out the camera. I love pictures in the late afternoon sunlight, I think the colors are amazing!

The 'grown-ups' (most of them, I think there were 5 total)

And the babies!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Day 17 - Hello Snow

And today it snowed. I contemplated not even going into work, since my nose is stuffy and throat is scratchy, figuring it's very likely that daycare would close early, but in I went. Stayed until about 12, then when people who live much closer to work than I do started leaving, figured it was time to call it a day. Dealt with the dumb people on the roads driving 30 mph and the snowplows which were pretty much plowing asphalt since there is no accumulation on the highways. Got home, cleared the front steps, had a conference call, and went to tackle the shoveling. The steps, the sidewalk all in front of our house and around to our parking spaces, and even a cute little path around the parking spaces because Ethan always does that and complains when I don't. Seriously, you want me to shovel a parking lot? But I did, so he and my children can walk somewhat safely into the house. And then I salted everything, which required like 6 trips back into the house to refill the giant cup I was using to take the salty stuff. And because I'm sure all my hard work will be undone by the time Ethan gets home to appreciate it, here's the proof:

And this is just a nice view of the snow from our house...

Good to know it's a crime

Replace "Green Bay Packers" with "Philadelphia Eagles" and I could see this story being written about the guys in my house...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Day 16 - Bad blog

I'm listening to some horrible people wailing "Since U Been Gone" from American Idol, so this blog is not going to be my best. Sorry. Blame it on our babysitter who started watching the show and Ethan who is unable to turn it off.

BUT...we had a sitter tonight and had an awesome dinner at Fleming's for DC Restaurant Week with my mom. Yum, yum, yum. Oh dear God, now they're singing Whitney Houston and no it is not my favorite "I Will Always Love You." And they voted he to go onto the next round!! Randy and Paula need hearing aids. Find a happy place, find a happy place.

Hmm, brings me to a good blog photo idea! When I can't fall asleep at night (or wake up in the middle of the night), I take some deep breaths and imagine I am on a secluded beach/island with my family. I am laying in a hammock watching Ethan swim in the amazingly clear blue ocean, Evan is jumping in the waves, and Eric is either running in and out of the edge of the surf, building sandcastles, or is snuggled up next to me taking a nap. And here's the view as the day winds down...

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Day 15 - Right on the mark

Emily provided some early morning entertainment with her family's definitions, so I had to stop by and see what my guys would be. Seems this website knows us a little too well...

Ethan's nickname when he was younger
(and even now by his dad) was that of a muppet...
maybe he'll tell us which one and why ;-)

Ethan --

A real life muppet

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at

I think this translates to 'anal'

Jessica --

Pretentiously academian
'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at

Seriously, I couldn't have said this one better
if I actually had the time to think about.

Eric --

Like in nature to a banana peel
'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at

Yeah...ummm...I'va had all day to digest this
and still don't know what to say. Go get 'em?

Evan --

Sexually stunning
'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at

And today's photo of my 'sexually stunning' boy

Shower Hour

One of Evan's Christmas presents was a fish shower and, I have to admit, this was intended to give Ethan and I break more than it was for Evan to enjoy. 2 kids, 3 baths a week (more if Eric's eczema starts flaring up), it gets tiring. Evan has not been a huge fan of the shower and freaks out when the water touches his face, even though he's fine going underwater in a swimming pool. I get it though, because I don't really like my face to be wet either and only a weirdo like me would understand a weirdo like that :-)

But today...shower success! He did the whole shower by himself (except for his legs, again because of the water in the face issue) and even washed his hair! It was hilarious to watch, and Ethan still has a bewildered look on his face when I called him up to watch Evan holding onto the wall and lifting each leg so he could sufficiently rinse. And then crouch under the shower with his head tilted back until I told him his shower was lasting longer than mine...I swear, he's going to be one of those guys who pays big bucks for a haircut just so he can get the scalp massage :-)

Anyway, my plan to not have to bathe a child is nearly complete <>

Monday, January 14, 2008

Day 14 - Problems on the back end

An unintentional use of the word 'ass' has come up twice today:

1. Our client status report, when someone inadvertently used 'asses' instead of 'assess.' We caught it after it had been sent to the client. Oops.

2. Evan says to me "Mommy, my ass pack is hurting my back." No we don't have some kind of weird twisted holistic medicine going on in our house, but the ice pack was digging into his back. Why does he need an ice pack, you ask? Quite honestly, I have no idea.

I left the house for 10 measly minutes to conduct a Craigslist deal at our local Starbucks (no need for a portable GPS when you have one built into your vehicle!) and came home to all the boys stomping down the stairs and something about Evan pretending to throw something and falling into the nightstand. I don't want to know anymore, I accept that this is just something that happens in a houseful of boys. But it required some tickling, a kiss, an episode of Little Einsteins, an ice pack, and a drink. Only a boy/man would require this much attention on a 2 inch scratch :-)

My pitiful boy, laying on his 'ass pack'

My other boys, because they're cute too...
no idea where Eric gets that "get away from me" look on his face

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Day 13 - Shoes

Evan informed me yesterday that he needs new shoes because the velcro is coming off the current ones...I can't remember the exact phrase he had, but I had to actually look at the shoes to figure out what he was talking about. Figures, he looks like he could use a haircut too.

Probably time to get Eric some new shoes too,
don't you think?
And this one's just funny :-)

I hate the news

Especially when the alternating 'top stories' are of the Marine who's burned body (and that of her fetus) was found in a grave in the suspected killer's back yard and the recovery of 2 of the 4 bodies of children that were thrown off a bridge by their father. What's wrong with people?

At least they took Britney's kids away from her so I can safely go back to reading entertainment news about all the celebrity babies born this weekend.

Out of gas...literally

The morning started out okay...Ethan had to get up early to save lives (donate blood), but the boys slept past 7, so it wasn't too bad. Bowls of cereal for everybody and then some good old Disney Channel so I could take a shower in peace (sort of). Blood donation took longer than expected, so there was no time for pancakes AND church, and I let Evan make the choice (church is important, but so is family time). I have to say, I was surprised that he decided on church, but it was a pleasant surprise, so we went on our way. Halfway there, I noticed 2 things:
  1. I had not brought Evan's Bible storybook
  2. My gas light was on
I debated about turning around (because of #1, it's only 3 miles roundtrip to church), but decided to roll the dice and see if Evan could be reasonably well-behaved with no distractions. We got there early enough to get a seat up front next to the 'band', which always helps. We could have used the distractions. He was up, down, talking, repeating things in a very loud voice, crouching over so his underwear was hanging out. It wasn't awful, but it wasn't good either. And there were no popular songs today, but he did perform a lovely little dance during the last song instead.

So back into the truck, and we head home. I barely get out of the church parking lot and notice I have lost the ability to accelerate. It took a few seconds to process what the problem was, and I tried switching to the manual mode to see if that will at least get me out of the way of everyone else who is trying to leave church behind me. Manual doesn't help, but there is the tiniest bit of a slope and I am able to pull into a cul-de-sac using a lot of muscle since there's no power steering without gas. And we call home.

Me: You need to come get us, I'm out of gas.

Ethan: Oh crap.

Ethan and Eric show up 20 minutes later with a container of gas and we all head home. There is a brief 'discussion' over who's fault it is that I ran out of gas. Ethan was driving the truck last night, I told him before we left that I would need gas, but both of us forgot on the way home. And supposedly the light never came on to say it was running low, even though I have seen the light at least twice, but that doesn't help my case because it just goes to show I make a habit of letting the gas in my truck get low--so much of a habit that Ethan calls it my security system because if some dumb fool did steal my truck, they wouldn't be able to get too far. But I would like to say that I HAVE NEVER RUN OUT OF GAS BEFORE TODAY. So I need to blame this on Ethan to keep my un-tarnished record intact.

Update: Ethan has begrudgingly agreed to take the blame so my record stays clean. And then he took my truck to fill it up with the gas, which means he knows it was his fault, but in order to keep his manliness, he can't just admit it ;-)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Day 12 - Saturday Stuff

Ha to my hubby and thinking I wouldn't get a blog in today...I still have 3 hours left in the day!! The day started way too early with Eric making a habit of waking up at 6 AM (despite the fact we've tried putting him to bed a little later). And he's a high maintenance kid in the morning--Evan used to be content with a bag of Cheerios and a sippy cup of milk, but Eric must eat cereal in a bowl and there's no way that will happen anyplace except the kitchen table. Throw in a few meltdowns from Evan because we told him it was way too cold for him to go bike riding with Daddy and it wasn't the best of mornings. Things picked up a little later, did my meal planning for the next few weeks, Evan/Ethan went swimming, and then we all headed over the river and through the woods to visit some friends who live way too far away ;-) Emily's crab dip lived up to its reputation, the Wii lived up to its reputation, and the kids did pretty darn good together considering 2 of them were napless for the day. Maybe they'll sleep in tomorrow?

Since we went to Emily's house, I think it's only fair to post a picture of her
and this was the cutest one I had ;-)

Friday, January 11, 2008

Day 11 - Defeat

I've just been beaten at Go Fish. By a four year old. And I could see all his cards.

The fishiest picture I could find...
still one of the most popular attractions at our house

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Day 10 - Go hubby!

Clearly, I did not give Ethan enough kudos for getting up and swimming TWO TIMES this week in my previous post.

My hubby rocks, even though I do not always appear to be supportive or appreciative of it. He has done THREE Ironman distance races (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, and then a 26.2 mile run--all in the same day) and who knows how many other 'little races.' More than I can count. He has spent a lot of time under water, riding bikes, and pounding the pavement. I only had to call the police one time because he disappeared on a run for like 2 hours on a cold rainy night and it ended up he had stopped over at a friend's house. Lucky for him, he came home while I was still on the phone with the police officer and I didn't have to feel like a complete fool.

Back on track! Hubby has resolved to resume his 'normal' level of working out this year (not Ironman-prep, which takes like 40 hours a week) and part of that is swimming at least 2 days a week at 5:30 in the morning. It's true, I laugh when he says this because in the past he has resolved to do this and when my alarm goes off at 6ish, he is still sleeping happily in the bed next to me. But this week he has gotten up BOTH of his designated days and, even more amazing, has not woken me up in the process!! That was a bigger deal today than Tuesday, because Tuesday was the morning after the tall drinks.

So, to make up for my lack of congratulations and enthusiasm on this morning's post, the daily photo blog is dedicated to my Ironman stud ;-) And if all that didn't embarrass him, then these surely will:

Ah, the half Ironman where Ethan got a wife-beater sunburn so bad he peeled TWICE.
Love the headband to keep the hair out of his eyes ;-)

A stop at the trough during IronmanUSA (Lake Placid, NY).
But I'd be hungry too after 60 miles on a bike!

The Giant Acorn Triathlon this past October...
Evan gives his dad some incentive "you could have abs like mine"

Feelin' the love

Ethan was up very early this morning to go swimming (second time this week--go hubby!!), so of course Eric woke up just as I was headed for the shower. He didn't sound too distressed, so I figured I'd try and shower before getting him out of his crib. Made it through a shower with no interruptions and went in to get Eric, as he was sounding much more agitated at this point. Turn on the nightlight and instead of an excited "Mommy!" he is instead delighted to discover his pacifier is still in the crib and spends 2 minutes babbling to it. No love for Mommy. Strike 1.

I take him back to our room so I can finish getting dressed and he's actually pretty happy doing his own thing (normally he demands to be taken downstairs to eat IMMEDIATELY). After trying to stall for a while to give Ethan a chance to come home and shower, I really just can't...need to get my stuff packed up so I can get out the door too! Eric and I go downstairs to discover Ethan sitting on the couch eating a McDonalds sandwich. Strike 2. With no McDonalds for Mommy. Strike 3, I'm outta here!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Day 9 - Had it, lost it, A-ha, Potty Time!

I had some great idea for today's blog post up until about 30 minutes ago, but somewhere between packing up the leftover soup from dinner and putting away my produce delivery, I lost it. Guess I'll have to wing it.

Ooh, I remember!! I've read a few posts on potty training woes/successes lately, which took me back to my determined day when I decided I would potty train Evan. And it clearly shows what a horrible parent I am (okay, I'm not horrible, but I felt downright awful that day).

January 2006--Evan was 2 1/4 and I was 6 months pregnant with Eric. Evan's daycare had been working with him a little (they had potty time during the day where children were required to sit on the toilet, but if they didn't go, no big deal--still wore pull-ups). We had quite a collection of potty training books in the house, this one and this one and this one and this one. I felt I could do this in a day, after all, I've read books and blogs and message boards. That makes me an expert, right? Ethan had some all-day work-related class, so Evan and I canceled our Saturday social calendar and I executed my plan.

Big boy underwear - check
Salty foods - check
Water/juice - check
Sweet treats - check

We went through the first round of eating/drinking and sitting on the potty with no results. Repeat every 5 minutes. 15 minutes later Evan peed in his underwear and all over the floor, bawling his eyes out the entire time. I stayed strong, changed him and repeated the eating/drinking/sitting on the potty. every 5 minutes. 15 minutes later he repeated peeing/bawling. And then again 15 minutes later, except I was also bawling while hugging my pee-covered child to my pregnant belly. Ethan called an hour later to ask how it was going and laughed when I said I didn't want to talk about it. I added that if HE had been home, he would be at Toys R Us buying Evan a battery-powered Ferrari at this point in time. He didn't disagree.

Five months later, Evan put on underwear to go to daycare in the morning and that was it, he was potty-trained. Never had to lift a finger. Bless those women, because I don't think I could have gone through that again.

And for the picture...
a totally silly picture of Evan in the bathroom...
he seems to get sidetracked a lot...
can't imagine where he gets that from ;-)

Random sidetracks while writing this blog:
  • There are 3200 "potty training" books on Amazon. And 226 are under the 'Business and Investing' category?
  • After the potty-training boot camp ordeal, I purchased a box of Pampers size 5...Evan was 2 1/4 at the time. Eric has been in size SIX for a good couple of months now. And he was the little one at birth (7.5 vs 8.5 lbs)

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Sometimes, things are good

I am excluding work from this statement, because my heartburn has returned and I think my blood pressure has doubled since Monday. But it's fine and will work itself out one way or another.

I picked Evan up from daycare today and his teacher complimented him on being such a helpful boy. There is a new girl in the class who is not fluent in English and she kept referring to Evan as 'she.' Evan was not mean or offended, but instead went around the room and said "that's Andrew, he's a he" and "that's Skye, she's a she" to show how boys are he's and girls are she's. Awww.

My sister emailed to tell me that season 4 of 90210 is coming out in April...she rocks :-) Got to rib hubby a little for not realizing season 3 was already out and would have made a fantastic Christmas gift. Hee hee.

Evan actually attempted to take a shower (GG got him this cute little fish shower that attaches to the regular one) instead of screaming and throwing a fit about it. Deal is, he does some washing in the shower, and then he gets a bath. First few times did not go so well, but we're making progress.

Went to Marshalls after bedtime to find Evan some underwear that actually fits (the only people that make size 4 boxer briefs are Target/Cherokee and designer brands--and the Cherokee ones are not working out). Found enough of the designer brands (at a reasonable price) to get us through a week, and then realized winter coats were on clearance. Eric is about to outgrow his coat, so I picked up a new one in the right size and argued with myself before getting the matching snowpants as well--seeing as how it's 70 in January, I'm sure it will be snowing in May ;-) When I got to the register, the guy looked at the tags and said "these are a set" and tore the price tag off the snowpants. I love that man. Stopped by TJ Maxx to find a coat for Evan for next year (sometimes I have bright ideas) and found an awesome coat that even Ethan approves of (except for the burnt orange color which I still don't think is that bad), also on clearance. It has the fleece lining that zips out of it and can be used for a fall/spring jacket, so double awesome.

And then I came home and saw my newest work email and pounded my head into the dining room table for a while. But I had the choice to close my email hours ago and did not, so it's my own fault and I shouldn't complain to others about it.

Day 8 - The Mom Test

I sent this to some people, but too cute not to post. Clearly not about me, as I have no daughters:

I was out walking with my 4 year old daughter. She picked up something off the ground and started to put it in her mouth. I took the item away from her and I asked her not to do that.

'Why?' my daughter asked.

Because it's been on the ground, you don't know where it's been, it's dirty, and probably has germs' I replied.

At this point, my daughter looked at me with total admiration and asked, 'Momma, how do you know all this stuff, you are so smart.'

I was thinking quickly. 'All moms know this stuff. It's on the Mom Test. You have to know it, or they don't let you be a Mom.'

We walked along in silence for 2 or 3 minutes, but she was evidently pondering this new information.

'OHHH . . . I get it!' she beamed, 'So if you don't pass the test you have to be the dad.'

''Exactly' I replied back with a big smile on my face.

When you're finished laughing, send this to a Mom.

In honor of the Mom Test, a picture of my mom :-)

Holy crap update

Just wanted to say thanks for all the comments/emails I got. You guys are all very sweet (and funny, which I need after last night). I did refill my glass and, after determining I was numb from the eyeballs down, went to bed and didn't move until 6:30 this morning. Still a little shaky about the whole thing, but Ethan has a plan to re-anchor the thing into the wall (or leave it by the curb in Friday's trash), so all is well. His preference is actually to put it by the curb, but I'm determined to show this cabinet who's the boss around here :-)

Evan returned to being a 'normal' child this morning and threw a tantrum over the fact that he could not wear a short-sleeve shirt to daycare. I know it's going to be 70 again, but long-sleeve with no t-shirt is as far as I'll go with that and he was not understanding how hot it would be wearing 2 shirts. Good to have things normal ;-)

Monday, January 7, 2008

Day 7 - Holy crap

I need to preface this by saying I have had a very tall drink (especially for a Monday night), but more on that in a minute.

What is up with the weather?? It was 70+ degrees today!! In January!! The boys had some great running around time when we got home this afternoon and actually listened to my request to stay on the sidewalk since the grass is a mudpit. Still, we have a good stretch of sidewalk that wraps around our row of townhouses, so they had a blast letting off several days of pent-up energy even though Eric refused a nap today (becoming a weekly occurrence).

Evan attempting to give Eric a hug

Eric running away from me
(resulting in us going inside and a MONSTER tantrum from Eric)

Evan being a sweetheart of a big brother and getting Eric some water to "help calm him down." I didn't even ask him to, he just thought it might help.

Evan being an even bigger sweetheart and cleaning up the water Eric spilled on the kitchen floor
(aka 'the Cinderella picture')

Had yet another successfully nutritious dinner from my favorite cookbook and Ethan took Eric off for an early bedtime while Evan and I went to the basement for some computer time, which is when all hell broke loose.

Evan was sitting at 'his' computer, coloring on his new computer program while I sat in a chair downloading the pictures I just posted. We have this cabinet system from Ikea that folds down into a desk and is secured into the wall with 2 huge screws (since it's very top-heavy). We keep a laptop, the wireless gear, and some misc. office supplies inside the cabinet, and our new, very awesome, wireless printer on the top. As I am sitting in my chair looking at pictures I hear a creak and see the cabinet start to lean forward and the printer slide toward my precious boy's head. By some miracle that only a parent in distress and Superman can have, I jumped across the room and pushed the cabinet/printer back up before it did who-knows-what to Evan (you can imagine the horrible scenarios running through my head if I had gone to the bathroom or something else that kept me away while this happened). Evan was the greatest listener ever and went upstairs and interrupted bedtime (which is usually the kiss of death) and told Ethan exactly what I said "Daddy, everything's okay, but Mommy needs some help" and Ethan pretty much slid down 2 flights of stairs to find my gray shaking self leaning against the cabinet. Here's where the tall drink comes in.

Long story short, everyone is fine, Evan received a popsicle for his excellent listening skills, and the cabinet is anchored into the wall with a shelf unit until we get what we need to secure it so that it's where I will take the children if an earthquake ever hits. But it's not over yet.

Apparently, Eric has inherited his father and brother's tendency to get night terrors when he's over-tired. Fantastic.

I think it's time to refill my tall glass.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Day 6 - Go, Tell It On The Mountain

Ethan has decided to join the ranks of normal people and give up his weird '.us' email address and switch over the gmail. As a result of trying to transfer all his contact stuff over, he took over my laptop for the majority of the evening and left me powerless to blog. So now I am rushed to find a day 6 photo so I can get back to the last new 'Desperate Housewives' until the writer's strike is over. Luckily the Treo just came through and I did not have to dig for an embarrassing photo of Ethan...he's spared for another day ;-) I will say that he is watching the Gladiator show, which should be embarrassing in itself.

A little variation on the photo blog today; I'm going with a video blog. I took Evan to church with me this morning and he was not on his best behavior. He talked when he should not have been talking, would not talk when he should talk (prayers, sign of peace), tried to use the pew as a bed and me as a pillow, etc. The closing song today was 'Go, Tell It On the Mountain' which he heard at Christmas Eve mass a few weeks ago. Apparently it stuck in his head as he sang the chorus all 3 times at top volume. Cupping his hand around his mouth like a megaphone during the first 6 words. Seeing as how it was the last song and other people were singing too, I made no efforts to stop him and let him get it all out. I loved. He loved it. The people next to us, in front of, and behind us loved it and complimented him on the way out as he hid his face in coat. People in the next section over and 7 rows behind us complimented him. I resisted the urge to hide my face in my coat.

Anyway, I did not take video in church, but Evan did re-enact the moment for me at home (in a much quieter voice).

Shopping success!!

I might attach a picture to this to make it the daily post, but in the meantime, I just need to say that I am the bomb. I went to CVS today and spent less than $2 out of pocket. And I got TONS of stuff...lots of chocolate for my hubby and chocoholic co-workers, Loreal shampoo, conditioner, and some styling goop for me, toothpaste, Lysol to neutralize the stinky diaper pail and litter box odors, Cottonelle wipes which Eric has happily been carrying around all afternoon, and enough cold medicine to relieve all the symptoms that are undoubtedly coming (2 bottles of Robitussen, 2 varieties of Tylenol cold, 1 kids Tylenol, 1 bottle of Aleve, and 1 pack of the Sudacare Shower Soother things that I always think would be a great idea when my sinuses are a giant un-moving block of you-know-what). For $1.73!!!

Okay, originally all that came to ~$75, then I had $56 in coupons, and another $17 in CVS 'Extra Care Bucks'. And after all that, I got another $26 in ECBs to spend on my next CVS shopping trip. The receipt is taller than I am--I love it.

I'm so proud of myself :-)

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Day 5 - Lazy days

A rather dull Saturday...Eric was the first one up at 7:45 this morning which was kind of a surprise, but he's rather demanding and not at all quiet about it, so Evan joined us for cereal a few minutes later. Ethan got around to rolling out of bed eventually, complaining that we were too noisy for him to continue sleeping. Tough life ;-)

Made rounds the post office and Staples to mail a few things and return Evan's printer, did a few things around the house, and took Eric to Target while Ethan and Evan went to swim class--for Evan, not Ethan :-)

After lunch, everyone CRASHED. I fell asleep on Evan's bed while snuggling with him at naptime. I had plans to go to the wine tasting at one of our local wine shops, but woke up too late...seriously, did 3 days of work/daycare make us that sleep deprived?

After nap we enjoyed a nice family snack of salsa dip and chips which, even though it's probably not the healthiest thing, the fact that everyone spent 20 minutes around the table eating and enjoying everyone's company made it well worth it--probably even added nutritional value! More house stuff and the boys tuned into football while I got dinner ready and did some shopping planning--I am determined to shop at CVS tomorrow without spending any money--we'll see how it goes.

Since it was such a sleepy day, here's some of my favorite sleeping shots.

Who says cats and dogs can't live in harmony?

Only a boy could pull this off...

Next 2 were taken a minute apart, I kid you not...
they say people start to look like their dogs!!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Day 4 - Bumps, bruises, and bad jokes

I get a phone call from Evan's teacher today to let me know that he run into another child and will probably have a nice little bruise on his left cheek. Doesn't seem to bother him, he immediately went back to playing and they had to convince him to put some ice on it. No problem. I pick him up from daycare and see the bright red spot on his cheek, and also notice a matching spot just above his left eyebrow. Teacher informs me they were just about to call to let me know that, while on the racquetball court--they don't play racquetball, but the health club 'loans' them the space on cold/rainy days, which is awesome so they aren't all wound up when they get home from not running around all day. There I go, off topic again. Anyway, while on the racquetball court, Evan ran into a wall and that's how the spot above the eyebrow showed up. Probably won't be too bad tomorrow, because Evan tends to 'heal' pretty quickly, which is good because I swear he runs into a wall/child about 3 times a week. One day, you will see him on a home video walking smack into a street sign or something because he's looking a completely different direction than he's walking.

I have no pictures of Evan's bruise, but here is a rather odd picture of one of our dogs with a black eye (no idea how it happened, assuming his sister caught him in the face with her paw, because she tends to do that a lot). But it's the only time I think I've ever seen a dog with a black eye...he plays part of the pitiful male pretty well, don't you think?

Cheap and somewhat inappropriate humor, depending on who you are: I had to change the picture I was originally going to post because it left the door wide open for pitiful male part jokes :-)

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Day 3 - Go ahead, laugh

While Evan was playing on the computer, I was cleaning out the computer CDs and found a slideshow various members of my family had put together for my Pops' 80th birthday a few years ago. There are close to 800 pictures (no, I'm not going to use them to blog for the next 2+ years), but when you figure 9 'kids' plus spouses, their kids (grandkids) and a few spouses, and then Evan (the only great-grandkid at the time, 2 more now), well, 800 pictures isn't so bad.

Once again, I get off topic. I bet I could do that 365 times this year...

Anyway, there are some very adorable pictures of me (naturally), one was even saved as 'prettyjess'
Then there's me with my Kermit (Kermit gets his own collage of pictures, even one of him eating dinner--very odd, but apparently I loved my Kermit). And how cute am I?? No idea who all's feet are behind me, but I'm assuming this Christmas was spent in Florida.

And then there's this one, which I truly think must be one of the worst pictures of me I have ever seen. What am I wearing? What is my hair doing? I'm thinking this must be middle school timeframe, but oh my! So go ahead, have a little chuckle at my expense...I did ;-)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My shirt is killing me!

I have no home this evening and went upstairs to change out of my work clothes. This is a normal routine for me, although I haven't had to during my last 2 weeks of vacation. For whatever reason, Evan decides he also needs to change his clothes. Looking at the laundry basket of clothes waiting to be folded, another one that's full enough to go into the washer, and knowing that all the sheets will be waiting on top of the washer when I get home on Friday, I say no. He doesn't listen. I come out of my room and find him in a clean SHORT-SLEEVE shirt. The wind is whipping around our house and seeping through our relatively new double-pane gas-filled windows and insulating blinds and Evan wants to run around in a t-shirt. No. I make him put back on his 'old' shirts and all the while he's screaming "No! These shirts are killing me!!"

Umm...?? It's the same undershirts and long-sleeves he's been wearing for 3 months now. Why are they suddenly killing him? How exactly does one get 'killed' by a shirt?

Maybe I need to teach him how to do laundry...if he can make coffee, then surely he should be able to do laundry.

Day 2 - Peaceful times

Ah, back to work. I don't mind too much, because while it was fun to be out and about doing stuff for Christmas, too many days at home with everyone in the house gets to be a little tiring. We tried to stay busy with playdates and other local adventures, but sometimes it's nice to have the normal daily routine. And then next week I will be complaining about how I wish I was on vacation again and could sleep in and stay up late and have plenty of time to make gourmet meals.

Anyway, the past couple of days the kids have made it somewhat 'easy' on me to want to come back to work. Evan developed a possessive/jealous streak and, quite frankly, sometimes I think Eric just gets tired of us after a little while and would prefer to be around other people. So when they get to the point where we can all use a break from each other, here's what I picture:

Evan, about a month before Eric was born. Ethan was out of the house and Evan was being a total bear. I went to check on him to make sure he had finally gone to sleep and found this little sweetheart instead.

Just a lazy cranky day, but Eric finally found a comfortable spot to hang out. The second picture is the original picture that was taken--love Photoshop!