Saturday, October 11, 2008

Caffeinated Randomness

  • I have had more caffeine today than I have had in the last week, maybe even two weeks. We get free Coca-Cola products at work and I don't really like Coke, but have been very good about bringing my lunch and therefore have been drinking water or Sprite with my lunch. And I had a Coke and two Pepsi's today. Yikes.
  • Our house is back in a state of chaos. We found a company to put in recessed lighting and paint out house and there was a little mix-up of who was going to show up when and I had to quickly empty our living/dining room on Friday morning. By myself. While my husband played golf. That he conveniently forgot he was playing until 2 nights before, leaving me to take Evan to school, Eric to the doctor, and talk to the contractor about lights and paint colors.
  • Tomorrow (I think) we will have to empty our closets so the electrician can put lights in them. Yikes. The kids' closets are already packed with stuff we've had to move out of other places in the house so I have no idea where all these clothes are going to go.
  • Evan is becoming a master scooter rider. I would have fallen and seriously injured myself, but this kid is balancing, coasting, and even using the brake! It's awesome.
  • Tomato Basil soup is YUMMY.

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  1. I think that post title is PERFECT.
    And the music from "psycho" has been playing in my head here at home since she got mad last night at7. This is TERRIBLE.