Tuesday, April 14, 2009

All I wanted was some nasal spray...

After yet another night of not sleeping too well because of the clogged sewage system that is my sinuses, I called the doctor. I just wanted to know if there was something I could spray into my nose that will let me breathe so I can sleep. Really, that's all. Just something a little stronger than saltwater to help me breathe.

The nurse yelled at me to get my tail home and into bed and drink fluids until I could handle no more. Ok, maybe she didn't really yell and she did ask some questions first, but after hearing the answers (fever, kids were sick, I was at work), she very sternly told me to go home and asked where to send the doctor's note.

So I'm home, at least through tomorrow, when I will go to the doctor and let them confirm that my head is congested and maybe they should let me take something to clear it out. And I figured I better not do anything more strenuous than watch TV and play on the computer until then because the mean nurse might have some sort of spy cam on me to make sure I'm following her orders.

And I'm not really all that impressed by the movie 'Juno'

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