Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pregnancy humor (which may only be funny to me)

I feel like I could be my own series of 'Yo Mama' jokes with a pregnancy pregnant am I? I'm so pregnant...
  • I worry about mowing down a 3yo when I pick up Eric from daycare because I can't see the kids under my stomach
  • If I need to make a u-turn with a shopping cart in the store, I have to go all the way to the end of the aisle to turn around
  • Random strangers offer to load my groceries into my car, even though the heaviest thing I buy is a 12-pack of soda. I'm pretty sure they're going to start thinking I have a pillow stuffed under my clothes, since I'll be this way for another couple of months
  • I can no longer wear pants...unless they're overalls. Yes, I wear overalls. And dresses. But only because I'm pregnant.
  • By the time I finish washing my hands after using the bathroom, I could go again (and sometimes do)
  • I get excited when Evan is on the playground at pickup time, because then I don't have to put my shoes back on
Pregnancy events to look forward to...taking the elevator to my 2nd floor office and breaking out the laptop bag on wheels!!

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