Saturday, November 8, 2008

Hubby is sick. So sick that I'm the one who called the doctor's office this morning and then rolled him out of bed to get there despite the fact that it was 8:30 and he spent the 3:00 hour coughing a lung out. Walking pneumonia which is less contagious than a cold, but just as exhausting. So the boyz and I put him back to bed and set out on an errand-running adventure.

Both kids now have their first pair(s) of Crocs. Yes, hi my name is Jessica and I have a 5 year old and I have just purchased our first pair of Crocs. Ironman for Evan and Spiderman for Eric. Really Evan was the only one who needed the Crocs, but another $7 to keep peace in the family is a small price to pay.

The secret to getting a child (Eric) to eat is to let them dip it in cheese. We went to California Tortilla for lunch and Eric was not interested in eating until I handed him a small cup of queso. Suddenly, he was an eating machine. And the funny thing is the cheese was so cold and think by that time that I don't think he actually got any cheese on his food.

Costco does NOT sell turkeys. Our adventure included a trip to Costco because I figured I could buy a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner, but no such luck. They do, however, have a fully stocked toy aisle in preparation for Christmas and Evan would like everything that is not a 'girl toy.' The piano, drums, Star Wars, Batman, dump trucks, and, my personal favorite, the ginormous stuffed dog.

The thing was the size of the shopping cart and shed as much as a real dog. But it was still pretty darn cute. We did NOT buy it though, just stuck it in the cart for a photo op and to freak Ethan out a little. And I have no idea why Eric looks like he has a wife-beater sunburn in the picture. Another mystery of life ;-)

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