Sunday, March 1, 2009

Parenting Solutions

I took a class not to long ago and they said it takes 21 days to establish a habit. Clearly this rule does not apply to children under the age of 6 (maybe older, but I have no proof of that). Every day before nap/bed time, I remind Evan and Eric to STAY IN BED and BE QUIET and GO TO SLEEP. Seems easy enough, right? They always agree with me and sometimes even say the words before I do. I'm pretty sure they understand.

Yet, no sooner do I put my foot on the first step to go downstairs, I hear a squeal or the thump of someone's feet (I hope) hitting the floor. So four seconds after leaving the room, all 3 'rules' have been broken. Then Ethan and I have to trade off going in and reminding them that they are supposed to be in bed, quiet, and sleeping. It's not fun. There must be a better way.

Here are my ideas so far--any takers?
  1. Some sort of watch/anklet that reminds them to "be quiet!" as soon as they start talking/squealing.
  2. An invisible fence that reminds them to "get back in bed!" as soon as they try to climb down.
  3. One of those posters/paintings of me with my 'evil Jessica' face (as Ethan calls it) that looks like it's always watching you.
And I realize #1 and #2 sound dangerously similar to what you would do to a dog, but nowhere in there did I suggest an electric shock. I'm just saying, in case you were thinking it ;-)


  1. What you have to wonder is who is learning the new habit...the boys who need to remain quiet or the parents who ned to realize that it will take 3 or four return visits and about 20-30 minutes each night..regardless, in 21 days the habits will be formed. Based on my experience, there will be great compromise...and it will all be over in about 18 years (give or take depending on how many more siblings arrive).

  2. VIDEO MONITOR - then you'll know who does what first!
    And you can use it for baby when she/he comes along!