Sunday, May 10, 2009

Oh Happy Day

I'm not even going into my lack of blogging. It is what it is.

I had a wonderful Mother's Day today though. Evan and I went to the Orioles/Yankees game in Baltimore and had an absolute blast. Ethan and Eric stayed home, because the little man just would not have had the patience to spend all day watching a baseball game, but he'll get there. So while I'm a little bummed I didn't get to spend Mother's Day with all of my boys, I'll get over it as I remember the awesomeness that was the baseball game.

This? Is the view of first base from our seats. FROM OUR SEATS PEOPLE!!! I didn't even have to stand up to take this picture, and it was from my little point-and-shoot camera that does NOT have a super-duper zoom lens on it.

Evan's favorite, #21, Nick Markakis
Did I mention we took these pictures

An autograph from Dave Trembley...
we didn't even have to leave our seats

Evan and The Bird
(Momma Bird was also there, which was kind of funny)

Seriously, it was an awesome day, and I realize the non-baseball/Orioles fans will not appreciate it half as much as I did, but that's okay. We saw foul balls whiz past us, heard the clap of the ball when it hit the first baseman's glove, saw all the action that takes place in a run-down (too bad we got out because of it), and experienced baseball up close and personal. Hopefully I can live with going back to the 'cheap seats' after a day like today :-)

And, not to be left out, my goofball at home :-)

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  1. I'm incredibly jealous of your seats! But I'm glad that you had such an awesome day!

    I LOVE the pictures of both B. Rob. and Nick Markakis :-)