Saturday, August 25, 2007

The world's longest birthday party

Seems like 4 is the age when we're supposed to start inviting all the daycare buddies to birthday parties, so that's what we're planning for Evan in October. Thankfully, there have been several parties this summer to give us ideas of the do's and don'ts. Many many valuable lessons out of today's party:

1. If you have to publish an itinerary on the invitation, there's too much going on.

2. A dinosaur show and princess/magician/balloon maker/storyteller in one party is waaaay too much for one party.

3. I'm so glad I have boys and do not have to worry about hosting a princess-themed party.

4. When the party starts at 11:30 AM, cake should be served well before 2:30 PM (I'm not even sure it was served by this time, because Evan and I left before then).

5. When hosting a party for a group of kids that are used to nap/quiet time from 1-3 PM, the party should not still be going on at 2:30 PM.

6. If more dads than moms show up at the party, remember to send dad next year.

7. As long as the kids have fun, nothing else really matters ;-)

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  1. Yikes... but glad it was fun. This birthday party thing is STRESSFUL!