Friday, September 28, 2007

30 and lovin' it!

Yes, I've crossed the line and am officially no longer in my 20s. Not much is different though...
  • my husband still make me take the kids to daycare on Tuesdays (even when my birthday falls on a Tuesday and I sacrificed my Monday to Eric and his ear infection)
  • kids still throw temper tantrums at the dinner table, despite threats of no cake or computer time
  • I still sit in traffic for no apparent reason on my way to work
  • Evan still asks me to make Buck be silly at bedtime (Buck is his stuffed dog that he adores)
Things that were a little different...
  • I got some nice presents and TONS of cards and phone calls...than you all, I loved every second/word of them :-)
  • I found an extremely long gray hair. Not my first gray hair, but my first really long one.
  • two words: free lunch (and no singing--thank goodness)
  • Outback got the bloomin' onion perfect. Absolutely perfect.

My special birthday wine glass (with a nice birthday wine!)

Evan needs his picture taken too, of course.

I don't think Eric cared about the picture as much as he cared about eating his cupcake...I have another one to upload where he is attempting to pick crumbs off the floor!

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  1. Happy Birthday!! I guess you don't need to be Lydia to get into the "30+" clubs...he he he
    Your kids are so adorable! - Lyd