Sunday, September 7, 2008

Back to reality

In honor of our anniversary (7 years tomorrow!), my hubby and I had a night away last night while my sister spent the night with the kids. She says they weren't too much trouble, except for Evan waking up at 5:30 AM with a stomach ache...but at least he was content to watch TV and didn't actually get sick.

So hubby and I braved the rain and wind and checked into a swanky hotel down the street and dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. The best part is the the hotel and restaurant are connected by a mall, so once we got there? No need to drive. Awesome. We were seated at one of those semi-circle booths so we were also able to enjoy the people-watching. I had to take notes through dinner so I could remember them all, we were laughing so hard. There was the guy in the plaid short-sleeve shirt with a loose necktie and his 'date' kind of resembled Prince, but was a girl. The other couple they were with...middle aged guy with a big gut wearing a t-shirt, but his date was really good-looking. Although my favorite was the kid who was power walking every time he went past in his stylish Star Wars t-shirt. Very strange. But we had a great time and got to sleep way later than 5:30 AM.

And then we came home to find Hanna had dropped a tree branch on my truck, denting the frame and breaking the piece that holds my side mirror onto the truck. Argh. This was the tree we have been begging our HOA to cut down because it rains acorns on our vehicles every fall and they said no because it wasn't a liability. Hopefully this will cause them to reconsider...


    Sorry about the truck...maybe they'll pay to fix it?

  2. Sounds like a nice anniversary! Glad to hear you had a nice time. Hope the truck gets nursed back to health soon...