Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mine! I do it!

Evan is anal. He likes to do things in a certain order, things must be in their place, and he is pretty fanatical about cleaning up...I have never worried about breaking my foot on a race car when walking to his room when it's pitch black.

Eric? Good grief. We are in the "I do it myself!" stage which means that whatever it is that he wants to do himself must be done in its entirety or you (I) will feel the wrath. Evan tried to help him clean up his blocks this morning and Eric dumped the entire box back on the floor because he didn't want the help. If I try and scoot the cereal forward on the shelf, Eric will close the pantry door and start all over. Getting him dressed is the only place I still seem to have some shred of control and I'm sure that will change any day. Tonight he was getting ready for a bath and undressing himself, which was hilarious. If the tub hadn't been filling up, I would have grabbed the camera to chronicle the order in which he removed his clothes.
  1. Diaper
  2. Shoe
  3. Sock
  4. Shoe
  5. Shorts
  6. Sock
  7. Mommy! Come help me!! (can't quite get the shirt himself)
He also thinks everything is "mine," including my iPhone and Car Dog. And when I tell him "it's not yours, it's mine" his response is "It's not yours! It's mine!" so then Mommy has to start talking about herself in the third person to make sure we understand each other.


  1. Ok..wait - you still have that CAR DOG?! REally?@!

  2. I will break them of this anal-ness... I swear. Little boys of them I will make. *evil grin*

  3. Does Car Dog still live in the car?