Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas

In case you missed it, yesterday was Christmas. A very merry one in our house. Evan came into our room at 5:20 AM to report that Santa had come and left presents, but went back into his room for a while (with a couple more trips downstairs to snag some toys) until Eric woke up a little before 7. And he was not kidding, Santa had left us some LOOT!

The 'before' shot

Books and toys galore for both kids (we need to do some purging this weekend to make room for it all), gadgets and gizmos for Ethan, camera accessories for me.

Eric posing for my new lens next to my new camera bag

Evan and Eric enjoying their new 'pinano'

Evan showing off some books

...and let's not forget the ginormous dinosaur (over 2 feet tall, and a little intimidating!)

And what does our house look like after opening dozens of presents and being overtaken by a piano keyboard, giant dinosaur, performing Elmo, multiple electronic puppies (even one that fetches), towers of blocks, and a dump truck?

A mess :-)

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