Sunday, December 7, 2008


Unfortunately, I'm the only one being silent, and that's because I caught a cold and lost my voice. Well, not completely, but when I talk I'm sure people prefer I just keep my mouth shut because it's not a pleasant and it takes me a great deal of effort and pain to speak at a volume that people can hear. So, if I were in a room by myself, it would be quiet.

We have had an awesome weekend in our house, the cold/voice thing aside. Saturday morning the kids went on a playdate so Ethan and I had a morning to ourselves. As nice as that sounds, we spent most of it doing things around the house--fixing the gate, putting up Christmas lights, cooking food. Last night we had a nice gathering of friends at our place to celebrate the holidays a little early. It was fun...lots of kids, plenty of food and drink, and good occasion to visit with old and new friends. Everyone in our house went to bed way too late, but still didn't sleep any later in the morning :-( But the show must go one and we had an invitation to go watch football and one of the kids' friends' houses, so away we went.

I need to call out how impressed I am with my children AND my husband for their behavior today. It was awesome. My husband, who is used to controlling the remote and snuggling with his laptop to keep up to date on his fantasy football even looked like he was enjoying himself watching only the Eagles game. And I'm sure there is some sort of dark ugly storm coming as payback for how good Evan and Eric were all weekend :-)

And now both kids are engrossed in Sesame Street, so I'm going to really enjoy some silence :-)

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