Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Man Plan - Dismantled

I swear I had nothing to do with this. At no point during my summary of 'The Man Plan' did I suggest my husband should NOT take Evan skiing with his co-workers. I was simply laying out all of the likely scenarios so if he came home and whined about being tired or Evan whining or having to miss a key play in the Eagles game, I could shut down the whining with a simple point to the blog. I was not objecting to having almost 2 days to myself with Eric who, when in the situation of an 'only child' is quite delightful to have around.

Hubby and Evan decided not to go skiing. Ethan blamed it on me to avoid commentary from his co-workers. I hope they read this blog ;-)

Co-workers decided not to go after finding out the cost of this simple overnight adventure was going to be a tiny bit more than they expected. Apparently the ski lesson for the kids did not include the lift ticket, which seems a little unfair, but oh well. Probably hasn't been the greatest ski season so far, and everyone needs to make a living.

So we'll ALL be home this weekend. Guess I better get going on the laundry to make sure all the Eagles gear is clean ;-)


  1. can we take this as an invitation for an Eagles party at your house?

  2. Unfortunately, no. We had a few friends over last weekend and I told Ethan I can't do this weekend and Superbowl. He's thinking the Eagles can pull off another W and we'll do something for Superbowl.