Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Man Plan

My husband and 2 of his co-workers have decided it would be fun to take all the kids skiing...guys and kids only. Three men and four children, ages 5-7 (I think). Three of the children are girls.

They want to take them to a ski resort four hours away, so the brilliant plan was to leave the night before, spend the night, throw the kids in a half-day lesson while the men get some time on the slopes, pile everyone back in the car, and come home. One of the guys has an SUV big enough to hold everyone + gear, so seems simple enough, right?


They decided this weekend would be the good weekend to go...leave Sunday and come back Monday. The day before Inauguration Day, when 4 million other people are going to be swooping down on the DC metro area.

Also? Since football playoffs are on Sunday, they have also decided it would make the most sense to leave earlier on Sunday, get everyone settled in before football, and essentially lock the kids in one room with movies while the guys watch football in the other room.

Here's my summary:

"So you're going to drive 4 hours with 4 kids to cram 7 of you into a 2 bedroom house, and then expect those kids to behave somewhat reasonably while you guys watch football all afternoon on a television that probably does NOT have Tivo. And while you guys stay up until midnight, you're going to want the kids to go to bed at a reasonable hour so they will not be tired and cranky when you dump them off on the ski slopes with a total stranger for 4 hours the next morning while you attempt to snowboard for the first time in at least 8 years. Then you're going to have to instantly provide food (and I mean INSTANTLY) for these starving tired children before shoving them all back into the car and driving another 4 hours back home, assuming you don't get stuck in traffic as you get closer to our house."

Apparently the other wives are just happy to be getting rid of their husbands and some kids for 2 days, and have not brought up any of these points. Maybe I should just do the same?

What amuses me more is that we are thinking of taking the kids to Great Wolf Lodge for a couple of days over (Evan's) spring break and Ethan looked at me as though I was a crazy woman when I suggested we rent one of the rooms that just has a separate sleeping area for the kids as opposed to one of the 2 bedroom suites.


  1. ok...so the "man plan" will work...but it will come with a cost...to the Mom's who will have to perform recovery ops for at least two days with the children that were subjected to the improvisation of the "man plan"...good luck with that.

  2. I say enjoy the day and half! And pack the kids their own backpacks with LOTS of snacks.

    The Man Plan probably doesn't involve meals at appropriate times.

  3. Let him do it....and pack lots of snacks.
    Enjoy the quiet at home.....and ignore the 9 million stressful phonecalls while they are stuck in traffic!

  4. Have you checked...how far is it to the nearest emergency room?