Sunday, February 22, 2009


Eric and I went to a birthday party for one of his classmates yesterday. It was a better time than expected...I've become leery about parties at people's houses. But they had cleared out a room for the kids to play in, had a pirate/princess show that was a big hit, and pizza was on time with plenty for parents to enjoy. All in all, it was a successful party.

The birthday boy had a cold. As in, big ugly green goo hanging out of his nose that his parents did not seem to notice. Or maybe I'm the only one who noticed it because I am anal-retentive about things like that with my kids and cannot stand to see stuff hanging out of their nose even if they are sleeping peacefully. Some of you are rolling your eyes thinking "get over it woman" and others are saying "Amen, sister...I don't want to see that stuff either." Whatever, it bothers me. After pizza, his dad finally decided to clean his face and thankfully he looked normal again.

We move back to the table to sing happy birthday to the birthday BOY as a cake is brought out with PINK icing. But that's not the weird part. As we finish singing and wait for the kid to blow out the candles, he holds out his finger and cheerily announces "I have a big booger!"

I hope they submit that video and win some money. And buy the kid a lifetime supply of Kleenex and anti-bacterial hand wash.


  1. I dropped of Tommy at school yesterday and one of the girls sneezed and she had two HUGE GREEN SNAILS coming out of her nose! It was GROSS! And Tommy pointed at her and said - EWWW YOU HAVE BIG BOOGERS.

    Aren't kids great?!

  2. Just reading that makes me want to gag. Ick!