Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Maybe it would be okay.

In case you're some random stranger who has stumbled upon this blog, or lurks behind the scenes and knows nothing about me unless I post it, here's an update. I'm pregnant. Almost 4 months along now. Now the rest of this will make sense.

To be quite honest, the thought of having a girl freaks me out a little bit. Not in a way that will impact me in the slightest bit once she snuggles in my arms for the first time, but in theory? Freaks me out. I have 2 boys (3 if you count the hubster). I know what to do with boys, as much as you can know what to do with them. And, best of all, there are always things that I can say "you really need to go ask Daddy about that." With a girl, I don't think there are a lot of topics that Dad is going to have the infinite wisdom about. Besides, I am a girl (news flash!!), and I know what it's like to live with me and deal with my moods and episodes and good grief could I really live with another one of me? I spent many years living with my mother, who is probably as close to being me as a person will ever get and while my mother is a lovely woman who I will always's probably a good thing that there are over 600 miles between us on an average day.

And what if I have a princess?? Or a screecher? Oh good grief, I need to get away from all the 'what ifs'

I had a revelation the other night that maybe a girl wouldn't be so bad. That there are the up sides to having a girl. Besides the kind of cute clothes (with minimal if any pink/lacy ruffles) and hair that doesn't need to be shorn like a sheep every couple of weeks. Are you ready?

The gas.

Evan and Eric are making great strides on sharing a room and oh dear God the smell in that room when I check on them at night is enough to bring back my morning sickness. Seriously, what are these kids eating??

And yes, I realize girls have gas and it doesn't smell like roses, but keep that to yourself and give me optimistic moment that I could survive having a girl and there might even be some perks ;-)

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  1. Girls ALWAYS love their Mommies....or so I've been told. I will, sadly, NEVER know!
    And I have a feeling you might just survive a girl.