Monday, August 6, 2007

Fast Food Blunders

I know, it's bad for you and this trip is clearly a sign that I should not go to fast food restautants anymore. But it tastes so good :-)

On the trip down I had not 1, but 2 episodes where I ordered a drink, and the cashier didn't hear me, so I had to re-order.

Last night I spent 10 minutes in the McD's drive thru...thinking the debit card was just going to be too complex, I paid cash. Well, cash requires change which requires a little bit of a brain, and this girl didn't even have that. As I finally made it to the food window, I received something noy even close to my order and spent 5 more minute waiting for another brainless person to figure that out. For the record, I don't think a cheeseburger and fries is all that tough to put into a bag!

And today we got fries where there should have been yogurt, no fries where there should have been fries (imagine trying to get that one straightened out!) and mayo where there shouldn't have been.

Less than 7 hours to go...

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  1. We know this one well... on the way home Sunday we hit one of those drive thrus where there are 2 lanes to order and one to pick up. Our issue was the lady that cut us off, paid for our meal and then we had to straighten the whole thing out which is not as easy as one would hope... what people don't screw that up EVERY DAY?!?! Have fun on the last day of driving!