Friday, August 31, 2007


Evan's laundry is always an adventure. As smart and well-behaved and good-mannered as he is, there is a downfall...he is the class klepto. I'm pretty sure this is stamped on his daycare chart somewhere and will follow him all the way to elementary school. We've gone through periods of time where we actually have to search his pockets before leaving daycare to make sure he hasn't stuffed his pockets with some small toy (or toys...had to quit buying him cargo pants/shorts). One day, I noticed one pocket was suspiciously large and asked him to check for toys, and said to his teacher: "sometimes he forgets about toys in his pockets." The teacher's response: "yeah, we know, the pre-school teacher told us." And there you have it, my son the klepto.

Anywho, as I'm doing 10 pounds of laundry tonight (Eric's about to change clothing sizes which requires all sorts of washing, sorting, and packing), I notice a lumpy pocket in the shorts Evan wore today. Expecting a car, plastic animal, doll hairbrush, ball, or one of the other usual suspects, imagine my surprise to pull out a rubber glove. ??? I hope the teachers were practicing good hygiene at lunch, because I don't want to think about what careers they might have been discussing during circle time :-)

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