Monday, August 13, 2007

Weekend zzzz's

We are one tired household...even I was taking naps this weekend, and that never happens.

Saturday Ethan left us to go get battered and bruised in a game of paintball, so I took the boys to go see Evan's "best girlfriend Caitlyn." That's really what he calls her, it is the cutest thing to hear. Eric likes her too, so hopefully that doesn't cause problems later in life ;-)

Saturday night Evan and I had a date night with Aimee, Toni, and Toni's little boy Riley. Both boys managed to fall out of their booster seats (no injuries, no more booster seat for Evan either), and kudos to Aimee for bringing Color Wonder markers/books for the boys. How did she know that Rio Grande wasn't going to have coloring books and crayons???

Sunday we enjoyed the outdoors before it got too hot (although it never got too bad), then Eric went for a haircut (#2!) while Evan played in the sprinkler. After lunch, EVERYONE took a long nap...over an hour for Mom/Evan and over 3 hours for Dad/Eric. I guess not being on vacation finally caught up with us :-)

Not much else to report...rotisserie chickens on the grill for dinner, followed by bath night for the boys and an early night to bed (as if all that napping wasn't enough!).

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