Sunday, August 19, 2007

"Thank you" goes to new levels

So we were out to dinner with my mom (Cheesecake Factory--yum!), and Evan was on his best behavior to earn the full eating out privileges of chocolate milk, pizza, and ice cream. "Please" and "thank you" was all over the place and he even got to place his own order. Somewhere near the end of the meal (I think after the waitress brought out the chocolate ice cream with whipped cream on top--double bonus!), he turns to her and says what sounds like "shieh shieh." That would actually be xie_xie, which is Chinese for "thank you." Yes, the waitress looked to have some Asian heritage to her, so I don't if that's what prompted him to change languages, or if he just felt like saying it this time. His daycare class has been learning about different countries based on the ethnicity of the kids in the class, and for some reason, the lessons related to China stuck with him! In any case, the waitress didn't seem to notice what he said, so the story stops there. Like they say, kids says the darndest things!

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