Friday, August 24, 2007

Peach or watermelon?

After one of the world's longest work weeks, followed by the dreaded daycare phone call where Evan BIT 'a friend'...I appreciate keeping things anonymous but 1. who bites 'a friend'? and 2. he's going to tell me anyway!! But since it was a first time offense, we kept the lecture short (if Nicole Richie can get away with an 82 minute jail sentence, I think a 90 second lecture for biting is sufficient) and headed to On The Border. After trying to enter through a monthly parking entrance and then resisting the urge to back into the jacka$$ who wouldn't back up far enough to let me turn around, then helping Ethan resist the urge to tell the guy off after he had the same problem and ended up following us through the regular entrance...where is this sentence going? Anyway, we made it to dinner and I got a good laugh out of Ethan ordering a peach margarita and then being disappointed because he didn't notice the watermelon margarita until after he had placed his order. My husband and his girly drinks :-)

Tomorrow is football draft day and a kids birthday party in the stifling heat. At least it's not for the 'friend' from earlier today :-)

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