Sunday, September 2, 2007

A genius I am not...

I know, you already knew this (so did I). But now I've taken it to a new low...

Saturday morning I come downstairs to find my computer off and no interest in powering on. I try unplugging it, restarting the surge protector, taking out the battery, holding it at various angles, cursing, praying, you name it. Ethan pretty much repeats my efforts and, as I'm starting to feel like Carrie in the Sex and the City episode where her computer dies and she learns a valuable lesson in why you should back up your hard drive (read: I don't back up my hard drive with the exception of uploading pictures to Snapfish), Ethan narrows the problem down to my power source (either the charger or in the computer itself). But not the hard drive. Amen.

Yesterday was busy (more blogs coming), so this morning the boyz and I took a quick trip into my office to pick up the docking station and extra power cord, on the hopes that I can keep using my computer. Otherwise, Tuesday will be extremely un-productive, and did I mention I was off Friday so my usual Friday work hasn't been done yet?? While Eric empties my case of Pepsi and Evan does some creative scribbling on my whiteboard, I plug the computer in. It starts up perfectly, so we grab the cord, put the Pepsi away, and head back home.

Have you figured out the ending yet?

We get home and I go to switch the power cords. I follow the cord from the back of the computer and come up with...a disconnected power cord. Yes, the laptop cord has 2 pieces to it and while I had checked the connection to the computer and the connection to the electrical outlet, I never bothered to look at the middle connection. Sunova. At least the kids enjoyed the car ride and the adventure in mommy's office :-)

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  1. That is funny! But at least you got the Pepsi unloaded so you are ahead of the game on Tuesday.