Thursday, May 22, 2008

Bubbles bubbles bubbles!

I wish I had pictures, but at the risk of my child's safety (not to mention my camera), I don't. Maybe next bath night.

We've started giving Eric bubble baths. Why does it take 2 years for us to let our child enjoy the fun of bubbles in the tub? It's not because we're mean parents...the poor kid has such awful eczema the first 18 months of life that I would sometimes tell people I thought he was allergic to the water itself. Thank goodness for Lever 2000, Aquaphor, and growing out of things.

Anyway...if I ever have the opportunity to withhold bubble baths from a child again, I think I might. He is HYSTERICAL with the bubbles and appreciates it so much more than Evan did at that age. I think when he started getting bubbles in his bath, he was too young to have a dramatic reaction, and by the time he was 2 it was like "a bath with no bubbles? what kind of crazy talk is that?" It was expected. The novelty had already worn off.

Eric though? Screams with delight when he sees the bubbles. "BUBBLES MOMMY!! BUBBLES MOMMY!!" And laughs hysterically when you pile them on top if his head and laughs even harder when he splashes water in his face in an effort to rinse them off his head. He is fascinated by hiding things in the bubbles "where my toes? there they are!" and "where'd elephant go? there he is!"

And then I showed him how to pick up a handful of bubbles and 'blow' them. I may pay for that the next time Ethan gives him a bath. Eric hasn't quite mastered the trick, but gives it a valiant effort (spitting all over the bubbles) and then waves his bubble-covered arms in the air, sending bubbles flying over half the bathroom and one lucky parent.

And I can do nothing but sit there and laugh and enjoy the moment.

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