Saturday, May 31, 2008

Eat it.

That's what my husband just said to his opponents in Wii tennis. And he wonders why I don't think this is a family activity.

Seems like a busy day, but really haven't done all that much. The thunderstorms held off long enough for Evan to play soccer while Eric/Ethan went swimming, but pretty much killed our plans of breaking in the pool membership this afternoon. Instead, boys watched a move while Ethan and I dug deep into the closets of the house and filled our dining rooms with things to be donated to Goodwill and sold on Craigslist. And I can actually walk into the closet under the stairs in the basement, which is pretty impressive.

As part of our cleaning activities, I discovered a stockpile of gift cards in our 'junk drawer,' so we figured we should put those to good use. After a trip to Target to pick up our latest drug supply (allergy medicine companies have to be loving our family!!), we stopped by Macaroni Grill on the way home for way too much delicious food. I had something that resembled chicken parmesan, but it was made with Pinot Grigio. YUM.


  1. Doug has been cussing when he plays Mario Kart... mostly cause I kick his ass.

  2. HA. you both are funny.
    I think we need Wii....maybe I'll come to one of your houses and try it out first!