Tuesday, May 20, 2008

On. Off. Open. Close.

Eric has become obsessed with light switches and doors lately.

Light switches must be flipped when he sees them, and usually in an inconvenient direction. If I'm trying to make dinner in the kitchen, he turns them off (or does an on-off disco type lighting effect). If no one is in a room, he turns them on. When I'm drying my hair in the bathroom, he turns them off. My/Evan's anal tendencies are starting to show as he insists on putting his nightlight on the table at night and back on the charger in the morning. And he cannot do anything else until it's in its proper place!

Doors must be closed at all times. Even if he is leaving the room and you are still in the room but want to leave the room. We used to remind him not to shut his fingers/toes in the doors as he was closing them, but now we have to watch out for our own fingers/toes because he closes these doors with no regard to other people's limbs.

What is the fascination with doors and lights?


  1. Wierd...my child does the exact same thing. He really likes to close himself in the bathroom and stand in the dark. The dining room like going on and off probably looks like a cry for help from outside!

  2. My cousin Brian's son is fascinated with light switches, I honestly don't get it.

  3. Hey, to them this is very exciting stuff, to be so innocent and entertained :)

  4. It's all fun and games until Mommy loses a finger while cutting vegetables :-) Thank goodness for the under cabinet lighting and the switch that is out of reach from kids!!