Friday, July 18, 2008

A bright shiny day

Yesterday was not a bright shiny day...I got a flat tire on the way to Evan's camp (luckily I made it to camp), our contractor called at 7:20 AM to ask if he could start tearing up the 2nd bathroom (hell no, 1 functional upstairs bathroom was part of the deal!), and my work day went progressively downhill from there, at a rapid pace. I won't go into gory details, but I came home and put on a movie for the kids, which almost never happens. Then I had a margarita and made some awesome garlic-lime shrimp for dinner, and was able to enjoy the evening.

And today? Today my house is sparkly clean, I stayed home most of the day except to go to an interview which went pretty well. Not quite the knock-it-out-of-the-park sensation I get sometimes, but the hiring manager is hiring for 3 different positions and they're all called almost the same thing, which just gets confusing. So it went well enough.

But the happiest part? We heard back from the allergist and Eric only scored a 12.9 on the nut allergy test. Out of 100!! And, to educate you, if you don't know, 12.9 rocks. It means we can't give him peanuts or other tree nuts, BUT it puts him in the pool of kids that can outgrow the allergy (20% do). So yay. There is hope that he will someday get to enjoy the joy of a PB&J, so I'm happy.

And I think I'll skip posting tomorrow because I have to get a new tire and Ethan's truck needs a new compressor and no one is going to want to hear me moaning and complaining about those ordeals!!!

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