Monday, July 21, 2008

More potty talk

If you're not a parent, and possibly even if you're not a parent of a young child, you might want to skip this one (ten bucks says my husband is contemplating not reading this one).

I thought my poop-talking days were over for a while. I mean, it's expected when you have a baby and there's obsession about the frequency, consistency, quantity, appearance, odor, and everything else that is currently grossing out the non-parents who skipped my initial warning. And then it occurs again when solid food starts and you have the "oh good grief, who knew corn looked exactly the same coming out as it did going in?" and "holy smokes...purple pedialite makes kryptonite green poop!" moments.

Wow...writing about poop is kind of fun. Maybe I should start a new blog devoted to poop stories...I bet it would be pretty popular!

Anyway, soI thought my poop analyzing days were over for a while and alas, they are not. Evan has been having some sort of stomach issue for several weeks and for whatever reason, we've narrowed the problem down to milk. Hopefully just a temporary issue, but right now he can only have milk on his cereal in the morning (if he insists on cereal instead of oatmeal) and juice/water to drink. Otherwise he is in the bathroom about 30 minutes after each milk drinking episode and it's not pretty. Like, really gross.

The worst part? It's like we're back in the potty training days and he yells for someone to come check things out every time he poops. "Mom!! This one's a really bad one!!" And I go see and find out things are actually normal, which makes me a little sad because imagine how long he has been dealing with this for him to think normal is bad??

And for those of you STILL reading, just to prepare you:
  1. kid poop does not smell any better than anyone else's poop
  2. kid poop is rather impressive at times...I'm convinced Evan loses about half his body weight in a given day just from pooping
So that's my potty talk for the day...if only we weren't in the middle of bathroom renovations, about to go on vacation, and Eric were the most un-interested child in using the potty, this might be a good time to kick off his potty training. Since I'm already in the bathroom a couple of time a day, checking out kid poop.

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  1. Oh, I am consistently impressed with Sebi's poops. How in the world does something THAT BIG come out of him?

    And the corn-factor. A little science background for ya.

    We (humans) don't have the enzyme to break down the casing. So the corn "shell" comes out thus giving us the spectacular corn resurfacing.

    And purple slurpees or syrup make green poop. That one, I have not an answer for...