Thursday, July 10, 2008

Was it enough?

Eric did beautifully at his appointment, although it didn't quite go as expected. Longer wait, blood test instead of a skin test, didn't actually get the blood drawn because they couldn't find a vein, big detour on the way home to avoid traffic on the highway...

But the doctor was great, as usual, and even though we still spent over an hour in the office, I'm kind of glad we didn't have to see if he had some sort of horrible reaction the skin test. Doctor was pretty optimistic about the severity of the allergy, based on how much PB he ate and how long it took for the reaction to occur, so here's hoping. Most likely he'll be stuck at a 'peanut free' table until he's old enough to know not to touch the stuff (and with boys, isn't that forever??)

We went through all of our material while the nurses tried (unsuccessfully) to find a vein in his arm, and all the food on the very long backroads home, but oh well.

And next time? Remind me to pack some stuff to keep my husband occupied. Yeesh! I think I'll wait to talk about that until he has cooled down over the fact that I didn't want to call for directions when we didn't see the building the first time (buried in a shopping center, never even had to make a U-turn!). I bet if I had brought him some snacks and toys, it would have been much happier ;-)

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