Saturday, July 5, 2008

Catching up

I had all intentions of blogging from an unusual place, but it suddenly got very dark outside, so I'm stuck at the boring old dining room table. Ah, well, the weekend has been anything but boring!

Enjoyed a lovely vacation day on Thursday, which was cut short by a recruiter asking for a last minute interview with a guy who had been out the previous day. Even I am amazed at my transition time...20 minutes before he called I was outside sweeping the patio and watering the grass, and 20 minutes after his call I was sitting in the guy's office, doing my interview thing. Went well, but we'll know for sure next week and in the meantime I guess I should start thinking about whether or not I really want the job!?!?

We had some family visiting Thursday night, which turned into more family on Friday morning, but Ethan was on the ball with chocolate chip pancakes and neither of my children melted down until everyone left the house, so it was all good. Well, the melting down pat was downright miserable, but at least no one else was here to witness it because it was BAD. Very, very bad. But the day improved and we spent some time in the pool (in the rain) which confused the heck out of Evan, although Eric never noticed. And we passed on fireworks and instead opted to watch an early fire show at the local Japanese steakhouse. Yum yum YUM. I especially love when they toss the shrimp for you to catch in your mouth because Eric thinks this is the funniest thing on the planet.

And then today, Evan and I went to see 'Horton Hears A Who' which was pretty cute and a good way for everyone to get some quiet time (i.e. children not fighting and screaming because someone took a toy that the other one was not actually playing with, but thinking about playing with, which therefore results in dueling tantrums). And then we headed to MD for some more family visiting time (and crabs!!), which was nice. Evan was happy to play with his cousins and Eric was happy to have someone hand him grapes and strawberries from the food table. By the end, he was even giving out hugs to a few people. Some pictures from that outing...

Aunt B & Charlotte

Aunt Jace, Grandma Donna, Nicholas, Aunt Keri, & Margaret picking some crabs

Margaret the monkey

Eric the cookie monster

And now my husband is trying to make the foghorn noise into his beer bottle, but he doesn't possess that skill so is instead just whistling into his beer bottle. Sigh. You can dress him up, but you can't take him out.


  1. I find it quite impressive that you could get "interview" ready in 20 minutes :) You da woman!

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