Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Potty talk

I'm thinking of calling into work tomorrow because there's a bathtub blocking my closet. Seriously. Our bathroom is being renovated and our bedroom is suffering because of it.

Because of the bathroom renovation, there are 4 of us sharing a small bathroom. Yes, I'm spoiled, one of them only comes into the bathroom to brush his teeth, but still. They are BOYS. Boys are not the cleanest things, especially not in bathrooms.

Since we're one happy family in one happy bathroom, I no longer get to shower in peace. Evan feels the need to come into the bathroom every 12 seconds or so while I'm in the shower. To use the bathroom. To brush his teeth. To wipe the steam off the mirror. To leave the door open. To discuss the difference between boys and girls (now that conversation woke me up!!)

We received our stimulus check today. I promptly went out and stimulated the economy by purchasing new lights and hardware (towel racks, tp holders, etc.) for all of our bathrooms.

Did I mention there's a bathtub in front of my closet? And a toilet next to the bed?


  1. At least they kept the toilet in the house, and didn't put it in the front lawn... or on the front porch for all to see like Dad did when they replaced the flooring AND the wallpaper in the bathroom here ;-)

  2. OH, I just cringe with anger that I have to contain when my husband complains that,

    "can't he just take a ___! in peace!"

    I'm thinking he needs to spend a day in the life of "there is not another parent here, so you must poop with all of them reality"

    MY poops go something like...

    one child trying to convince me to let him get in the bathtub, another trying to play peek-a-boo behind the shower curtain, and the third digging through our bathroom drawers and swatting at me when I tell him, NO!