Thursday, July 24, 2008

Up. Down. Up. Down.

What a week! Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!!

Evan earned 5 smiley faces by not throwing a fit about going to camp for 5 days and was rewarded with a pair of swim shoes. I have learned some valuable lessons since the backpack episode and went out and bought the swim shoes myself. At Payless. Much better deal. Hell, I bought Eric a pair and Evan a new pair of swim shoes for half the price of that backpack.

Did I mention the backpack broke earlier this week? Apparently you are not supposed to leave the straps out when you're wheeling it around. The up side is that we convinced Evan to pick a different color so he doesn't have the exact same backpack as 2 other kids in his class. Now we have a black one with a green spider. Awesome.

Our bathroom renovations are well under way. The master bathroom is functional and the kids bathroom will probably be functional by this time tomorrow. We had a minor detour when the shower in our bathroom worked so well it poured all the way into our dining room, but it's all good now. Evan is a rock star child and came running upstairs to tell me there was a problem before my laptop and purse were destroyed. Why does it have to be my stuff that gets rained on??

My job continues to be a hair-pulling experience (case in point, I pulled out 5 gray hairs earlier this week). But we leave on Saturday for a week at 2 different beaches and I will not spend any time worrying about what's going on in the office. Especially because I'm turning in my resignation tomorrow morning...yes, that's right, I am re-employed again!! Hopefully this goes commute is 1 mile less each direction and has some kick-ass benefits, so at least there's that.

My husband is playing Mario Kart against Emily's husband. I'm guessing this is a good indication of what life will be like when Evan is a teenager. Lots of "awesome" and "dude" and "kicking ass."


  1. Congrats on the new job!
    Enjoy the beach :-)

  2. Dear Jessica -

    If your hair goes completely gray, it must be from your father's side. I use the "pick out the gray" method for keeping my hair color too! Hopefully the new job will slow down the growth.

    Have a good time at the beach!


  3. Good luck at the new job!
    And I'm glad that you worked out something for the whole camp situation!