Wednesday, July 9, 2008

PSA: Hug your kids today

My husband says my blog is getting a little dark and stormy lately, and today will hopefully be rock bottom and tomorrow will be back to happier things.

We attended a funeral this morning. For the son of one of our neighbors, and technically, for several years, he was our neighbor as well. He was 25 years old, smart, friendly...not a guy that should have only spent 25 years in the world. Not that anyone should only get that long, but especially not someone you know. Not someone you say hello to when you're walking dogs and getting mail. Not someone who comes to your house to play poker and dog-sit and ask for your help as a reference in getting a job. Not someone who has a good family and friends that are devastated without him around.

It wasn't a fun day, and I hope to never have to experience one like it again. And while it sounds a little "World Peace"-ish, I wish no one would ever have to experience that. Because the crappy feeling that is sitting in the pit of my stomach and crushing my heart is nothing compared to what our neighbors are going through.

So hug your kids, tell them you love them, and try and do it while they're sleeping so you don't have to explain the tears in your eyes when you're doing this. And pray for our neighbors, because they need all the help and prayers they can get right now.

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