Thursday, May 29, 2008

A sight I never thought I'd see

I have blogged many times about our trials and tribulations with giving Eric nebulizer treatments. I searched my own blogs and was kind of surprised at how many time I have talked (complained) about this. It is an awful, miserable experience for everyone involved--even our daycare teachers. But finally, we seem to have turned a corner. Almost 2 years after we were introduced to this horrid contraption that has become a fixture in our house...

Yes, that's my boy, nebulizing himself. In a desperate moment to get another book to distract him, Ethan handed the mask to Evan to hold, and Evan in turn gave it to Eric. And Eric? Doesn't really seem to mind. Finally.


  1. WOW, big moment over there I am sure :)

  2. I like the fact that he's not wearing his shirt. It makes it look like there might just be some illegal green plant coming out of there! he he he...
    I hope this makes life WAY easier for you! (And daycare!)

  3. He is a fan of 'sharing' his medicine, and we joke that he doesn't need to "puff, puff, give!"