Saturday, June 28, 2008

Another one of THOSE days

And today will be the day forever marked on the calendar and the blog as the day we found out Eric is allergic to peanuts. Yee-haw.

Evan asked for a PB&J sandwich for lunch, and a Saturday afternoon in your own home when you know you can get to the nearest hospital in under 10 minutes seemed like as good a time as any to let Eric have his first taste of the kid's classic. So PB&Js it was. Everything went well, Eric ate most of his sandwich and we put him down for a nap. A short time later, we heard some coughing and sneezing, but still no worries. I heard him pulling on his doorknob and went to lead him back to bed and realized his face looked like a punching bag. Uh. Oh.

A dose of Benadryl, a diaper bag with who-knows-what inside, 10 minutes, and we were running into the emergency room. When those people see a baby with a beat up face and a mom yelling "peanut butter"? They don't mess around. Before I had finished putting our address on the form, we were heading to a room with 2 nurses and 2 doctors on our heels. The nurses were lovely and sweet even though they had to wrap Eric in a sheet to get the IV into his arm and had to use half a roll of tape to keep it in. Thank you Christy and Rachel, for keeping us sane and hydrated.

So, long story short (mostly because I'm tired), 3 drugs, 1 popsicle, 2 hours later and we were heading back home armed with epi-pen prescriptions. And I keep the diaper bag better packed than I thought...a spare shirt, snacks, toys. I even surprised myself :)

And there will be no tall drink tonight, because we're supposed to wake him up a couple of times a night "just in case." Ah well, not like it would have been a restful night anyway...


  1. I am so sorry about the allergic reaction. My goodness. I'm glad everyone is home and ok.

  2. HOLY CRAP! I'm glad he's OK.
    I guess you're re-thinking the blog about the peanut "scare" at daycare...right?
    Have a tall drink tomorrow.

  3. Holy crap - you're brave to feed him the sandwich to see what would happen. I'm glad he's okay now!! Scary!

  4. Holy Smokes. Sounds like you handled it great! I am so sorry it was an allergy to peanuts.