Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Growing Pains

Evan starts his new school next week...we decided to put him in a private kindergarten in the fall (he misses the age cutoff by 7 days), and thought it would help ease the transition if we put him in the new school's summer camp program as well. Let him get used to the new place before he really needs to focus on learning, and the fact that they have their own pool and he can take swimming lessons should help seal the deal.

Apparently, it sealed it a little too well. This morning he buried himself under the covers in our bed, saying he doesn't want to go to pre-K anymore, he just wants to go to his new school. Which doesn't start for another week. I bought us a few more days by reminding him that Ethan was coming to school on Friday for ice cream (Father's Day party), but not sure how to get him there on Monday and Tuesday.

Eric is testing the waters with his independent "I can do it" attitude. Like he can buckle himself into his booster seat. And walk down stairs. And climb into his carseat. And he can do most of these things, but they take more time than I have patience for when I'm trying to get to work in the morning. And then he left Froggy on the kitchen counter, which means I had to come back home to get it so all hell would not break loose during nap time. And yes, I need to stand my ground and deal with the fact there will be a tantrum this afternoon when I tell him Froggy needs to stay at daycare.

And just when I thought there was light at the end of the tunnel? Because Ethan was going to start taking the kids to daycare tomorrow? His physical therapist said the ankle is not healing as quickls as hoped and he needs to go back to not putting too much weight/pressure on it and icing it more often. Blah.

But, I'm going out tonight to see the Sex and the City movie, so there's a little relief :-)


  1. I want to see that movie...SO BAD! Maybe I'll go to a matinee by myself next Tuesday....

    GOOD LUCK with school issues!
    And DARN him for not following orders and putting pressure on his ankle! ARGH.

  2. Hey, hey! Don't shoot the piano player, he's doing the best that he can!

    Hubby was trying to help too much b/c he felt guilty about the stuff he normally does was on Jessica to get done... :(