Monday, June 30, 2008


Today was a better day...I took the day off from work and was able to take a nap and clear my head and generally feel better about life.

Friday, I found out my company lost the contract I currently work on, which leads to a slim chance of unemployment come January 1. However, I don't like my job already and have been applying for jobs for the past few weeks, so this doesn't really concern me. I have an interview next week and even if I don't get/take the job, at least I'm out there trying to find what will make me happy.

Saturday was, well, you know. Actually, Saturday itself wasn't that bad as I have the ability to push emotions way below the surface when a crisis is going on. And on Saturday? That was a great ability to have. Eric is doing very well and I am working out the "what was I thinking?" and "what if?" scenarios in my head, because there is nothing more innocent in life than giving your kid a peanut butter sandwich and the rest is in someone else's hands. I am more thankful than words can describe that things worked out the way they did, and will of course do whatever is necessary to keep my child(ren) safe. But we still have peanut butter in our house and I still think daycare went a little nutty (pun intended) with the episode a few months ago. But I'm a different parent then most, for better or worse.

And now I have to end my blog, because I told my hubby I would get off the computer at 8:00 so he could whoop my butt at Mario Kart.

But this is a neat blog and I think I may have to work these ideas into my blogging...thanks for the link Chick!

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