Sunday, June 8, 2008

Wearing down

Like Superman running out of kryptonite, Supermom runs out of energy and patience from time to time. This last stretch of time seems especially long...since hubby's ankle sprain, I have been doing daycare drop-off and pick-up (except on stormy Wed night), medicating Eric twice a day, bath and bedtime duty for both kids, running up and down and in and out to keep hubby off of the sprained ankle (I'm about to strap his bottle of pain pills to him). Not to mention work is crummy and I need to be updating my resume and hitting the job search sites instead of blogging or I may truly lose my sanity by my next birthday. Anyway, the ankle is on the mend, and hubby is easing back into doing things, so at least there is that.

Saturday the little ones and I headed to a Pampered Chef party hosted by my college roommates and fellow bloggers...they kick ass and had someone to keep an eye on the kids, so I could enjoy the show and focus on spending some money ;-) Amazingly enough, I only came out with a few things. This is amazing because, despite my anal tendencies and hatred towards clutter, I am a sucker for kitchen stuff. Honestly. I have an oil wand, which has to be the most ridiculous kitchen thing I have ever seen, but when I saw it I HAD TO HAVE IT. And I use it constantly, which really surprises me. I mean, it's sooo much easier than waiting for the oil to slide across a pan and you don't have to waste a paper towel if you don't have the patience to wait (which I usually don't). Maybe I should recommend the oil wand to Pampered Chef as a new product...

Where was I? Ah, Pampered Chef. So I am looking forward to my new knife and cheese grater, and a couple of less exciting items that I actually needed. Eric and Evan behaved beautifully (I think) and fell asleep for the car ride home, exactly as planned. My sister came down Saturday night to hang out and visit and we watched Mad Money, which turned out to be pretty cute although definitely a chick flick.

And today we kind of did nothing for most of the day and then headed to the pool in the afternoon. They have a wading pool, which both kids got a kick out of...Evan would march around saying "march, march, march" and Eric was following him, except saying "mosh, mosh, mosh" which is just too darned cute. After we got out and had a snack while drying off, Eric kept pointing to the pool and saying "Mommy! That's a lotta water!" which was also just too darned cute. So the pool was a hit and we were very happy to discover the wading pool is under the shade of trees, so we didn't have to worry about the heat/sun. It's a keeper!


  1. At the risk of adding a straw to someone's back... Superman hated kryptonite and lost his powers when in its presence (depending on the type/color of kryptonite).

    Maybe you meant when he ran out of hair gel for his Super 'S'?

  2. Hey...eggplant you really want to go there?

  3. Um, no. I'd like my other foot to remain non-eggplanty, thanks.