Wednesday, June 18, 2008

...hello summer camp!

And today begins camp at the school where Evan will go to kindergarten in the fall. I'm not sure 'excited' even comes close to describing Evan. He wouldn't go to sleep last night and was literally bouncing this morning during the following conversations:

Mom, I grew a lot last night!! See how big I am for my new school?!?! (Yes)

Can I wear my lei? (No)

Should I wear a shirt with nothing on it? (Yes)

I don't want that cereal, I want the cereal you and Daddy eat (No)

We dropped Eric off and then headed to camp, where he immediately clammed up except for telling the counselors his name. We checked out his camp classroom, and then headed back to the playground where he took off without so much as a hug or even a wave. :-(

He'll make up for it tonight :-)

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  1. Really? I didn't get the impression that he talked a lot....HA kidding!
    I hope he LOVED it!