Sunday, June 8, 2008


More like under the deck guests (as my sister is wondering what she did that is causing me to blog separately).

I'm guessing our robin baby from the fall is doing well, because another nest showed up under our deck about a month ago. At least the momma is building the nest and laying eggs in the right season this time!! Anyway, after giving the momma some privacy (i.e. not letting the kids run wild on the deck/patio), we have a new bird family. I love the one on the right especially!!

I know the eggs hatched at least a few days ago, and even though I haven't seen momma since before the eggs hatched, I'm assuming she's around since everyone has survived two brutally hot days...although I did feel bad after taking the pictures because they seemed to think the flash was a sign that dinner had arrived. Sorry birdies!! Stay cool tomorrow!!