Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Good-bye pre-K...

Evan finished his last day as a pre-K boy yesterday, and his class sent him off in style. Coincidentally, there was a music show scheduled for yesterday afternoon, but Evan believes it was all part of the going away celebration...he came home with a lei wrapped around his head telling us he was allowed to play the guitar during the music show. And there was cake, that said Good-Bye Evan in orange letters, which is his (current) favorite color. Okay, so maybe we had a little something to do with the cake, but it still was quite a send-off. His classmates made a huge card which they all signed, and had a picture of the class.

And, as is my child, he left them in an unforgettable manner...while saying good-bye and re-assuring the teachers we would be back for a visit (especially since Eric is staying at this place), I told them Evan's school was between daycare and work, so he would be coming with me to pick up Eric most days. And Evan says "Yeah, my new school is on the way to Goodwill!!" and turned to his teachers to explain "They don't have a lot of toys and books at Goodwill, so sometimes I give them some of mine."

Can you hear the hearts breaking when an almost 5 year old tells them he gives his books and toys to people who don't have enough???


  1. Very cute! and very exciting.

    Lately Aubrey has been asking if littel girls need her toys and which ones she should give away. It is so endearing!

  2. I hear your heart swelling with pride! Way to go, Jess!