Wednesday, June 25, 2008


I have to say, I'm not really in a blogging mood lately. Mostly, I'm in a bad mood that leaves my husband sleeping with one eye open, worried that I will snap at any minute. I'm thinking it's the crappy job, which is good because I'm looking at other jobs, but bad because what if it takes me a long time to find another job? I can barely stand myself these days, so I know everyone around me is tired of my ranting and raving and senseless things!!

Anyway, I figure blogging is kind of like exercise and you just have to keep doing it and you'll enjoy it again. Speaking of exercising, the Wii is really ticking me off...boxing is my one outlet and the damn controllers don't seem to listen to me when I start getting into a routine. They only like it when I punch like a girl and how is that going to help me get rid of my bad mood? I just get in a bad mood at the Wii, and clearly that doesn't do any good.

But tomorrow is my work-at-home day, and I might even take another one on Friday since my boss is out of town. If only the Wii and I could come to an understanding...

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