Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Are you there?

**Names have been changed to protect the innocent**

My office is a fun place to work. Lots of practical jokes, but in a nice way (well, occasionally one goes wrong, like the time someone couldn't find their car keys until 9:00 at night, but usually very entertaining). Today was one of the better ones though, and deserved a blog.

Someone (my money is on Jane, with Doug as an accomplice) decided to mess with people's ringers. Our office phones have about 20 different ringers and sound more like cell phones than office phones. One of those ringers is a female voice calling out "Are you there?" Turn the volume way up and it scares the hell out of you.

Anyway, I'm in my boss's office helping with some unpleasant proposal demands and his phone 'rings' with everyone's favorite 'are you here?' I see our company's office number pop up on the screen and watch in shock as my boss picks up the receiver and promptly drops it back on the hook.

Me: I think you just hung up on someone.
Boss: No, something is wrong with the phone system. It's been doing that all day.
Me: That's your phone ringing.
Boss: No it's not, there's something wrong with the phones.
Me (trying not to laugh): No, really...I think maybe someone changed your ringer.
Boss: What?!?

I go through and show him that was in fact his ringtone and try to change it back to whatever alien-sound he had before. After that, he scrolls through his missed calls and realizes he's hung up on our HR manager, the main number to our company office (hope none of those were his boss!), some of my co-workers, and his wife.

I love my office. I especially love the fact that I get to stay somewhat immune to the jokes because I keep lots of candy at my desk and can threaten to withhold it if someone messes with me :-)

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  1. This was the perfect way to start my morning! Thank you :) That is hilarious.