Wednesday, September 5, 2007

I just don't learn (aka Fast Food Blunders pt. 2)

In his most angelic little voice, Evan asked on the way home today "Mom, please can we go to Old McDonald's for dinner?" Who can resist that? Especially when we're running late and a small riot is going to break loose when I get home unless a fairy godmother has magically put dinner on the table? So off we go to the red McDonald's ("not the blue one, I don't like the blue one").

Speaker: Can I take your order?
Me: Yes, I'd like 2 cheeseburger happy meals with apple dippers, 1 with chocolate milk, and 1 with white milk.
Speaker: Double cheeseburger happy meal w/apple dippers and chocolate milk. Drive around.
Me: Umm, no (I instantly realize my mistake in ordering). 1 cheeseburger happy meal w/apple dippers & chocolate milk. 1 cheeseburger happy meal w/apple dippers and white milk. A 2 cheeseburger meal w/ a coke to drink.
Speaker (shorthand version): 2 double cheeseburger happy meals with something to drink. Drive around.
Me: (SIGH). No. {repeat earlier order} and a Big Mac.
Speaker: What?
Me: Big Mac.
Speaker: What?
Speaker: I can't hear you, come around to the window. Do you want the meal or just the sandwich?

And so we move to the face to face portion of our visit. 'Speaker' becomes a younger (than me) guy named 'Angel.' I will later find out this is a sign...

Angel: Sorry, I can't hear you through the speaker.
Me: I have 1 cheeseburger happy meal w/apple dippers & chocolate milk. 1 cheeseburger happy meal w/apple dippers and white milk. A 2 cheeseburger meal w/ a coke to drink and a Big Mac.
Angel: {something about 2 double cheeseburger happy meals and a drink}

I stopped to pray. Honest. Never in my life have I had to take 10 seconds out at the drive-through and ask for strength to get me through this situation, but today it happened. Who would have thought, considering an angel is at my service? I run through the entire order again and Angel nods his head at each meal as if that's what he's reading on the screen and informs me I owe $18 and change. For 2 happy meals, a 'value meal,' and a sandwich. Seems a little steep, and I tell him this. After reviewing the order AGAIN (how many times is this??), he discovers he has charged me for a Big Mac meal instead of just the sandwich. Angel seems a little angry at this point, as he is jabbing the screen/keys hard enough to make MY fingers hurt. Without giving me an updated total, he swipes my card and thrusts it back at me.

Me: Receipt?
Angel mutters something about the next window and waves me away. Evan asks me why I was yelling at the man. I have no lollipops to distract him (or me).

So finally we arrive at the food window.

Food guy: 2 nugget happy meals with apple dippers?

How I managed to stay in my vehicle and not go into some high-pitched screaming rage, I don't know. I look in the bag and discover 2 cheeseburgers and 2 orders of fries. Hello? How does this happen? I hand the bags back and through a clenched jaw tell the guy I need apple dippers instead of fries. He hands it back a few minutes later with the correct contents of the happy meal orders, along with everything else. I tell Evan that, in the future, we should go to the blue Old McDonalds and hand him a french fry before can argue.

The End

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  1. The best part about this post is imagining you tell it in person and I can see your face, your hands... very funny stuff.