Sunday, September 2, 2007

Buy me some pretzel and lollipop...

After the morning birthday party, Evan and I stopped home for a nap (Evan, not me) and then headed up to Frederick for the Keys doubleheader with the Maryland Christovich crowd. Thank goodness they all live in the same state, because I would have spent all afternoon naming everyone who was there :-) Evan understands baseball games and the fact that you must start eating as soon as you get there, even if you're not hungry, and immediately requested a (stale) pretzel. At least he wasn't calling it a bagel this time! Later we found and sampled the pizza, chicken tenders, french fries, and a gigantic lollipop. We also found and sampled the restrooms half a dozen times over the course of 4 hours, thanks to Evan. And I didn't give him anything to drink until after the second trip.

The outing was fun, but Evan is at the stage where you can't pretend to listen to him and really have a conversation with someone else (Mommy? Mommmy?! MOM! Are you listening to me?). And that makes catching up with everyone else kind of tough, but oh well. They only live in Maryland! Let the blogging of pictures begin...I'll try to remember to put these on the Sanderson Snapfish site in the next couple of days.

Evan and I and the gigantic lollipop...I'm amazed he didn't get this wrapped in someone's hair at some point during the game!

And the sugar rush has kicked in!
Ben is my silliest cousin...I love it :-)

Rebecca, Lisa, Margaret, and Charlotte

Charlotte, Benjamin, and Margaret

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