Monday, September 24, 2007

When you can't fit 2 dinosaurs and a stroller at the same time, it's time for a bigger truck...

How's that for a sales pitch? The boyz and I were at Costco a while ago and Evan spotted some dinosaur toys from miles (aisles) away..."Mom, I see a T-Rex!!" We finally made our way over there and, I have to say, these were some pretty cool looking dinosaurs. I almost took one home with us, seeing as how Evan was being a perfect Costco travel companion (not only was he not whining, but he was actually sitting in the cart next to Eric. Did I mention it was a Saturday morning and it was just me and the kids?). But, since birthdays are right around the corner, I told Evan it would need to wait and maybe he would get the T-Rex for his birthday.

He's been talking about the thing ever since. We did a little early birthday mini-party for him at Kings Dominion with cupcakes (thanks Aunt B!) and on Sunday he told me, "well, Mom, see, I had my birthday yesterday and now I'm 4 and we need to go get the T-Rex." Huh. I'm not sure how we got away from the topic, but we did, and also reminded me that I need to go get the T-Rex because I truly do not think I could stand to see the disappointment on his face if he didn't get it (he didn't even whine when I said no the first time!!). So I left the guys to watch the Eagles FINALLY win a game yesterday and went in hunt of the T-Rex. Turns out, T-Rex has a buddy...Spinosaurus? I think? Maybe Stegosaurus...In any case, as I'm staring at the tower o' dinos in Costco, I manage to convince myself that it would be silly to only buy the T-Rex, right? I mean, if I only get one, what will Ethan play with? Thank goodness there were only 2 types of dinosaurs, or who knows what would have happened...

When I get home, of course I can't take these ginormous things inside (they're about a foot tall and with the box it's even worse), so they're currently having a little dino party in the back of my truck with the cargo cover pulled shut so Evan doesn't see them when he's getting into his seat. No problem. Until I have to put the stroller back there (see earlier blog about the bright and early trip to the doctor's office). Not possible to put 2 dinosaurs and stroller in the back of the Tribute and close the little cargo cover. Guess it's time to upgrade--yippee!! Hey, I've had this car for just over 6 years which is longer than I have owned ALL of my previous vehicles combined. I think...bought the mazda 323 in the summer of 96, got the Tribute in summer of 2001...yes, 6 is more than 5!

Someone remind me not to blog about my kids gifts before they learn to read the blog, ok?

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  1. ROFL... I can't wait to see pictures :) You gotta love the logic of a an almost 4 yo.

    And speaking of Birthdays - HAPPY 30th! WOW, kinda crazy :) I think you need to blog about being 30!