Friday, September 21, 2007

Tivo has the WORST timing...

I remember the first time our Tivo receiver died...I was about 8 months pregnant with Evan and it was the week before the start of the NFL season. I was supposed to send in the broken receiver, wait for them to diagnose it, and then they would send it back to me. I don't remember the exact conversation, but it was something to the effect of they were going to need to pay for my defense or divorce lawyer because there's no chance in hell I was going to be able to co-exist with my husband during football season sharing a TV. They agreed to accept a deposit and send me a new box immediately and return the deposit while they fixed the other box.

About a week ago, our bedroom Tivo (yes, we have 3 of them) started to die. Tech support's brilliant suggest to re-boot only lasts for about 5 days. Sadly, I am outside of the warranty period and Tivo wants me to pay...we have a lifetime contract, so I'm kind of stuck paying the exchange fee, but that's ok. They don't make the current model anymore, so most likely we'll get an upgrade. The kicker is that I have to pay to ship the old box back...once I send it to them, they'll send the new box the next business day. So if I want a new box in time for the season premiere's, I have to spend who knows how much to overnight them a box (probably more than I'm spending for my new refurbished box). Tivo, Tivo, Tivo...

I know, I know, I have 2 other Tivo boxes, so what's the problem? Nothing really, or I would have had one heck of a yelling match with Tivo service the other day. But I love to keep my crap TV shows on the bedroom Tivo so I have stuff to watch while folding mountains of laundry. But I guess I have to time laundry folding with regularly scheduled programming for the next couple of weeks. Either that or teach Ethan how to fold laundry ;-)


  1. So, please post which shows you are going to TIVO :) I am going to try to watch the new one Pushing Daisy's?!?

    I am sorry about the TIVO issues! I know it sucks... Any way to move a different one up to your room?

  2. See? See? See? THIS is why we will never have TIVO!!