Friday, September 21, 2007

Where does he get these teeth?

I'm convinced Eric is skipping the whole baby teeth thing and going directly to his adult teeth. The ones coming in are as big as the teeth I have now. He drools more than a dog with a steak dangling in front of it...we go through at least 5 bibs a day, the ones with plastic on the back so his shirt doesn't get soaked. The 'eye' teeth are the current problems, 1 is in and the other 3 (I hope) are on their way. To ease the crankiness, we give him a teething ring to chew on...looks like a little necklace with discs full of water. I'm holding him on my lap and wondering how in the heck his drool got to be so cold when I look down and realize the teething ring is half-empty. Eric has bitten through the thing that is supposed to be indestructible for kids. Not my kid!! Do they sell dog toys that you can stick in the freezer and give to teething kids?

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  1. I want to see a picture of these teeth... Yikes.