Sunday, September 9, 2007

TomTom, the road is closed!!

Evan and I headed to a baby shower this morning, leaving Eric at the mercy of Ethan and the Eagles game (wow, that's a lot of E's!). Traffic came to a halt just past 270, so we decided to detour and let TomTom do his thing. After getting past the "make the first legal u-turn" we seemed to be moving and headed in the right direction. And then we hit a 'Road Closed' sign. I turn around, thinking TomTom will re-route me, and of course he does. Right back to the 'Road Closed' sign. And TomTom doesn't seem to hear me when I tell him the stinkin' road is closed. I finally drive so ridiculously far out of the way that TomTom has no choice by to send me another route that adds 20 minutes to our trip. Of course, the joke is on me later when I learn from another baby shower attendee that TomTom has a 'find alternative route' button.

On the plus side, Evan had a great time jumping in the moonbounce for 2 hours!


  1. I want to know who named the GPS "Tom tom!" I think that that's pretty funny, and does Evan call it Uncle TomTom?